Day 2

Today is a beautiful day here in Essex, the sun is shining and the daffodils are starting to open. I'm feeling happy !!

I spent the morning at Tumble Tots with Sam & Grace, then had lunch with my parents, then spent an hour or so at the park and feeding the ducks !! My Dad then came over with his giant loppers and cut the mini branch off the tree so I now have my twig tree I was telling you about yesterday. I will post a pic when I get a spare 5 mins. Of course, the dilemma now is whether to leave the bark in its natural state or spray it white. Once I've decided (I'm swaying towards spraying it white at the moment), I shall set it in plaster of paris in a terracotta pot, and it will then be ready for my craft fair display.

Yesterday I said I needed inspiration in order that I could expand my range
on my website, so after much searching I came up with a great idea which doesn't seem to have hit the UK yet, but seems to be very popular in the US. It's fabric postcards - what a wonderful idea, but how could you bear to part with them once they're finished ? Maybe they could just be framed instead ? I've posted a couple of pics of some beautiful fabric postcards (the 3rd pic is actually a mini quilt). I think I shall definitely be trying this out and hopefully selling a few through my website.

Talking of my website, I am currently running a sale with 20% off all pictures between now and Mother's Day (which is the 18th March here in the UK). Also, if you join my mailing list, I will be having a monthly draw and giving away a freebie to the first name pulled out of the hat - surely that's got to be worth you signing up ?!

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paper-and-string said...

fabric postcards? what a gorgeous idea! I think they are so cute, and the best bit? you may have started a new craft trend in the uk !
I can't wait to see how your blog develops, or what your twig tree looks like !!


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