Happy New Year !

I for one, am very glad indeed to see the back of 2010.

For me and my family it was a pretty horrible year. I won't go in to details but anyone who is reading this and knows me, will know what I'm talking about. But, from a Blooming Felt point of view, it has been a pretty good year ! We built Blooming Felt Shedquarters in the garden, my trusty assistant Alison joined the team, we had a very good event at Ally Pally and we're looking forward to lots more good times in 2011.

To start off the year, I decided a little visit to Ikea was on the cards. The Blooming Felt studio has unfortunately become extremely messy and muddled since Ally Pally and it was time to put it all in order and get lots more storage.

After measuring up and checking the Ikea website for stock levels, we managed to arrange the loan of a van for the afternoon and headed to Ikea, armed with our shopping list. Car park - extremely busy. Shop (didn't seem to be too busy). We walked round, noted all of the pick up aisles for the numerous items we wanted and headed to the collection hall. On visiting the first aisle we needed, it became apparent that the shelves were pretty much EMPTY ! This continued on every single aisle we visited so I don't think the Ikea website stock levels are very up to date - how annoying !

We did, however, still manage to spend nearly £700 (on the frames as we couldn't purchase a single coloured bin, drawer or shelf). So I now have rather a lot of packaging sitting in the garage, that can't be put together until we get the rest of the stuff. Now that really is annoying ! Fingers crossed if we leave it another week or so, the items we want will be back in stock.
The Blooming Felt website will be open again and processing and dispatching orders from Tuesday 4th January. Thank you to everyone who has been spending their hard-earned cash over the holidays - your orders will be with you very soon.

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and crafty New Year !!!


It's time !!!

OK - so last time, it was nearly time. This time ..... IT'S TIME !!!

Having shut up shop last Friday, I have been luxuriating (that's a word I don't use very often !) in all of the "spare" time I've had. So, we've been putting up the tree and generally getting ready for the big day.

Thank you "Maureen" (aka Morag!) for the beautiful scandanavian bunting - this was a sample she very kindly made up for me and was supposed to have been one of this month's tutorials, but due to computer problems, it didn't actually get onto the website in time.

My in-laws arrived safely from Cornwall yesterday and our woodburner was finally installed (talk about cutting it fine !)

And yes, I have even had a little time to do a few crafty projects of my own.

Pompoms - all made using the Clover pompom makers I stock in the shop (how easy are these to use ??!!), and do you remember this ........

I started this way back in about June I think it was.

It turned into

So, all that remains to be said now is a HUGE thank you to everyone who reads this blog and to all of my lovely customers for supporting Blooming Felt throughout the year.

Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas everyone !!

See you soon


It's nearly time !!

Yes, it's that time of year again when everything goes completely bonkers ! The children have already broken up from school, the website is going crazy and my own Christmas preparations have got lost along the way.

Of course, having the children off school means they need to be kept amused, so last Friday we went to the Winter Wonderland in London's Hyde Park and had a fab time.

We were very lucky to see a production of "Room on the Broom", which was great (if a little long).

We also spent rather a lot of money on rides, hotdogs, mulled wine and toasted marshmallows on sticks !!

Spending so much money on the children meant it was about time they earned some of the treats they are getting at the moment so once the massive felty delivery arrived

they were quickly roped into making up lots of felt stacks.

The website is now up to date with the latest felt delivery, but goodness me, you lot must be absolutely desperate for your felty fix because you're all buying like crazy and the website is already starting to look a little depleted in some of the categories.

The last day to place your orders on the website is this FRIDAY 17TH DECEMBER. Sorry I need to close so early, but as I said before, my own Christmas preparations haven't even begun yet so I really do need to try and get organised before my in-laws arrive next week ! As usual, I'll be closed throughout the Christmas period, although the website will be open and taking orders .... they just won't be processed or despatched until 4th January 2011.

What else. Oh yes - we have unfortunately had to revise the way we distribute our tutorials. In the past, all of our tutorials have been free to download. But, with immediate effect, only the current month's tutorial is free to download. After that it will be moved to our purchasable Tutorials section where you can purchase all back copies of tutorials at a teeny weeny cost of 50p. HOWEVER, goods news, as the purchasable tutorials all now come with a shopping list which will make it easier for you to add all (or some, if you only need a few) of the required bits and bobs to your shopping cart.

Sadly, due to a technical hitch (sometimes I really hate computers!) we have been unable to add the bestest ever Christmas Tutorial to the website. Grrrrr - I am sooooooo angry. But never mind, we'll just have to save it until next year and hope that we can get a super doopa tutorial onto the website for you in January.

Every year I say that I'm going to spend a bit of time over the Christmas holidays making some crafty stuff just for me, but never get round to it.

This year, however, WILL be that year. I have been watching Kirstie's Homemade Home (or whatever it's called !) and have been inspired to get my backside into gear and finish off the many projects that I have started and also try a few new crafts.

(Robin & Christmas Tree courtesy of "Maureen")

The freehand machine embroidery and rag-rugging really excited me, so I'm hoping to spend a little time giving these a go over the holidays.

Stay warm xx

Christmas Shop now OPEN !!

Just a real quickie because I'm drowning in stuff to get done (and Corrie is on in a mo and I need to see who dies in the tram crash !!)

The Blooming Felt Christmas Shop is now OPEN !!

If you're looking for ribbon to tie up your pressies

little gift tags

Christmassy stickers

felt brooches

hot water bottle covers


and more ..........

then get yourself over to the Christmas Shop section on our website. Things are selling fast and once they're gone .... they're gone, so you'll need to be quick.

One other thing whilst I think about it - my latest felt delivery is finally on its way to me and I'm keeping everything crossed that it will be here on Friday, which means I can get it all sorted out and loaded onto the website at the weekend ...... so watch this space !

Keep warm xx


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