Buttons !

Life is slowly getting back to normal after last weekend's show (although the washing pile doesn't seem to be going down !) The website has been manically busy, as has my etsy shop, so I'm slowing trying to catch up on orders - if you've ordered from me within the last few days and have yet to receive your order - I do apologise, it will be on its way to you very soon. It's just little old me here trying to keep on top of everything Blooming Felt wise (oh, and organising my little madam's 3rd birthday which was yesterday - Happy Birthday Gracie !)

I've also opened a shop on Folksy, which is currently being loaded up with lots of goodies and am trying to get stock organised for Christmas Fairs that I'm booked to attend. I've got lots of ideas in mind, but finding time to actually make new items is proving just a little bit hard at the moment. I could do with an extra couple of hours in the day really !
So, as promised in previous posts, today I'm posting lots of pictures of buttons ! Yes, I've become obsessed with buttons.

All of these little lovelies are now for sale here and are slowing being added to my etsy shop.

I hate to see them go, because I just love looking at them but hey, I can always order some more !! These were all really popular at the show last week, so I'm sure you'll love them as much as me.

Also, felt flowers ! These are sooooo cute. Use them as brooches, make them into ponytail holders, use them as gift wrapping on pressies etc etc. A set of 6 costs just £3.50, so go on ... treat yourself !

Next time I'll show you some piccies of lots of other lovely things that I showcased last weekend and that will be for sale on the website shortly.

Wednesday is Sam's 6th birthday (where did those 6 years go ?!) so I won't be posting until after then.

Byeeee xx

From this .....

to this .....

to this !!!!!

I can't believe I actually managed to do it !! In less than 4 weeks I managed to go from thinking about possibly exhibiting at the January Stitch & Creative Crafts show, to actually exhibiting at the September one ! And I have to say I am VERY proud at what I managed ! I met SO many lovely lovely people who were all really complimentary about my little stand and spent a good few of their pennies on some of my goodies. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who took the time to stop by, admire, chat, and spend !! I loved every second of it.

I want to give a quick little wave to the following people who were so kind to me over the course of the 4 days that I spent at the show:

First of all - Pat & Tony Sims who owned the B&B I stayed at (a lovely little 200 year old cottage) - thank you for making me feel so welcome and at home !

Inga of Linen Me who had the most gorgeous stand next to me. Do check out her website, she has the most beautiful linen.

Jackie & Kim of Make the Moment Last, a lovely scrapbooking stand. Again, check out their website.

Sheila Jones who I know is a reader of this blog and took the time to come along and say hi on Saturday (as well as buying some goodies). Thank you also Sheila for mentioning me on your blog - I'll let you know about my next needle felting workshop !

Sally Furniss who popped by on Sunday and was so kind about my stand and who also took the time to email me on Sunday after the show - yes, I will also let you know about my next needle felting workshop.

Sandra of Gotta Craft who was one of my first customers on the Friday and very kindly left a comment on my previous blog post (make sure you get that blog going soon !!)

My very dear friend Amanda and her 2 little monkees who made the long journey round from Essex to come along and support me

My lovely Mum & Dad who came over late on Saturday afternoon to take me out for dinner and cheer me up a bit (I'd had a bit of a bad day)

My lovely lovely hubby and darling children who were always on the end of the phone supporting me

And last, but by no means least, Wendie Rhodes of Wild-Rhodes who is one of the kindest people that you will ever meet. Wendie was the lady who talked me into doing this particular show and gave me no end of wonderful advice and support both before and during the show. Thank you so much Wendie - I couldn't have done it without you !

So, to all of those above - thank you very very much. And to everyone else who I didn't manage to spend much time chatting to, but who took the time to come over and ooh and ahhh over my goodies and then spend some of their hard-earned pennies - THANK YOU !!

Do keep in touch everyone - I'd love to see pics of your various projects using the bits and bobs you bought from me !

Next time I'll give you a few more details of the actual show, but for now it's time for bed -I'm cream-crackered !

Sarah xxx

Winners ....

Could paper-and-string, picciolio and The Flour Loft please contact me and let me have your address details so I can send you your free tickets to the Stitch & Creative Crafts Show next week. I'd hate for you to miss out !! Thanks

I'm sure you can gather, this is a really really quick post. I'm drowning in a sea of felt balls and buttons and am in the final (I hope) stages of getting everything ready for next week. Finally everything was delivered and is now being bagged and tagged.

I'll try and post before the show with a picture of the amount of stuff I'm taking with me !! There's a LOT !!

Sarah x


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