Bliss !




I didn't need to collect my little man from school this afternoon so Gracie and I had the most lovely lazy afternoon at home.

Hope you're enjoying the weather as much as we are !!

Sarah x


Sorry, sorry, sorry - I have been AWOL for far too long !

The lovely weather, sports day, my little man starting Beavers, my parents being away on holiday and me having to cover a part-time job for a few weeks whilst keeping up to date with my website, has meant that I just haven't had a chance to keep up to date with my little old blog - so many apologies.

OK, my big news that I was negotiating last time .... I HAVE A STAND AT THE KNITTING & SITCHING SHOW AT ALEXANDRA PALACE, LONDON, IN OCTOBER - ARGHHHHHHH !!!! I am very very excited, very very nervous and I'm starting to think I'm going a little mad !

Loyal Blooming Felt blog readers will know that I took my first step into the world of large retail shows last September, when I decided at the last minute to take a stand at the Stitch & Creative Crafts show at Sandown Racecourse. I had little over a month to get myself organised for that one, and managed to pull it off quite successfully (I like to think so, anyway), so having just over 4 months to get organised for the Knitting & Stitching Show seems like a luxury. However, I think that having less time is probably better because I thrive under pressure and I'm scared that I will just let time lapse and end up in a last minute panic this time. Fingers crossed though I know what I'm going into this time so can learn from the mistakes I made last time and cruise through this one (yeah right !). Further details about this event will follow in the next couple of months.

Back to website issues now - no new stock at the moment BUT I'm working on a new section for the website and hope to be able to share it with you soon (keeping it under wraps for the time being).

I haven't got a huge amount of other news and no photos of my own to show you, so thought I would share with you some of the photos that Blooming Felt customers have been emailing to me, showing off their wonderful creations made with their Blooming Felt purchases. As soon as I get a spare 5 minutes, the Customer's Gallery section of the website will be updated to show off these lovely items, along with links to the relevant artists / creators.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send me their photos - I really do appreciate it and love to see the fantastic items you all make.

Right - I'm off to start making lists for that show !

A spangly new look website

Yes folks, due to the number of you that completed my mailing list survey and requested that the front page of my website contain details of new products, special offers etc., your wish is my command !!

Check out my spangly new look website !! I'd love to hear your comments as I'm sure not all of the readers of my blog subscribe to my website mailing list. I am also working on getting a proper credit card payment processing company sorted out so if you're not keen on using either Google Checkout or Paypal (which seems to be causing a few problems at the moment), then you can pay like on most sites, with your credit or debit card. Your payment will be securely processed through one of the major payment processors and is 100% secure. Once this is set up, I will also be able to take payment over the phone - YAY !! That will save a LOT of hassle. Quite a few customers have called and wanted to place orders over the phone recently, which is fine, but they then have to send me a cheque as payment because I didn't have a virtual terminal (technical terms I know!) which then slowed down the dispatch of their orders. So, if you're wanting to pay this way instead ... you can !!

Right - I've had these fab little kits sitting around upstairs for absolutely yonks and had been unable to get a decent photo of the box until now. Finally, I have been able to add them to the website. Button Jewellery Kits by one of my most favourite kit suppliers.

These lovely kits are suitable from age 5 upwards and at just £8 each, are great to get your little ones crafting.

Now, what else? Oh yes, I am discussing with one of the big events organisers the possibility of getting a stand at one of their shows later this year. We're in the final stages of discussions and I am quite hopeful that it will all come off (childcare arrangements permitting of course). So watch this space for an update.

OK, that's it for now. I've got another delivery of stock coming in on Monday which will mean that I am fully stocked on spotty & spiral felt balls, and also the orange felt balls and yellow felt balls, which are completely out of stock at the moment.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend !!

Seeing spots, stars, stripes ....

The new additions to my ever-growing button range

I do still have a number of the pale lilac and sage green striped buttons that I started stocking long before I added the above to my range. They've all been organised into spotted, striped and checked buttons on the website here and are ready and waiting for you to buy and love !!


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