They're Here !!

Hooray - the peg doll kits arrived on Friday. I was soooooo excited and was desperate to get the box open. Is it just me, or does anyone else get extremely excited about deliveries of lovely stuff they've ordered?

Anyway - here are a couple of pics

There's the Adventure Kit for the boys and the Fairytale Kit for the girls. Both are available for sale here and I cannot recommend them enough - they will make absolutely fab Christmas gifts and at £10 per set (including postage) they won't break the bank either. Each kit contains everything you need to make 6 peg dolls the same as those shown in the pictures and are suitable from age 4 upwards.

Only 4 days to go before my first Christmas event and the panic is starting to set in - I'm off to sew more brooches .....

Byeeee xx

Faffing around

Well, since my last post I seem to have done nothing except faff !! I really don't know why I can't knuckle down and just get on with stuff. Maybe the weather has something to do with it, or maybe the fact that it's half-term and I've got my 2 little monkeys with me, or maybe it's just because I seem to be knackered !! I'm sure I'm suffering from that Seasonal Affected Disorder - which means things will only get worse after we change the clocks at the weekend :o(

I've got my first Christmas event a week on Friday and am I ready for it ?? No I'm not. I keep looking at the stock that I already have ready and am thinking that I have way too much of some stuff and just not enough of other stock. One good thing though (well, in a round-about sort of way) - one of the shops that I was supplying has decided that my stuff wasn't selling well enough so have returned virtually everything to me - so at least I've got lots of keyrings and daisy hairclips that I can take along with me next week, as well as a couple of my textile pictures. Me thinks the shop was being a little bit greedy and wanting too much money for my goodies - also, it just wasn't displayed very well and you really had to look to see find it all. Never mind.

But, I think I've got enough loopy corsages for next week and my poor fingers are extremely sore from threading felt balls onto beading elastic to make up bracelets last night. I need to do lots more bracelets, but I don't think my fingers can stand it. I only managed to thread one up last night and that was bad enough. I need to do at least another 6 or 7.

I've ordered the pegdoll kits that will be going along with me next week and I just can't wait for them to arrive. I'm sure they'll be absolutely gorgeous and great sellers.

I've spent this morning ordering perspex display stuff, including a couple of leaflet holders to put my little fliers in, some A5 stands that I can put paper-and-string's DIY brooch kits in and some mini easels to stand the miniature stitchery kits against (they're very lazy and don't like standing up on their own !!) I would have loved to have made my own display stuff from cardboard boxes covered in lovely fabric and stuff, but to be honest, I just can't be bothered. See what I mean - no enthusiasm whatsoever.

Anyway - enough whinging from me - sorry.

I have managed to do my hanging baskets and tubs

No pics of the tubs yet though because I think they look a bit boring at the moment, and until the pansies bush out a bit and the miniature bulbs come up there's not much point in taking photos.

I wanted to show you a couple of mags that I got whilst I was in the US. The Americans really do seem to have the craft market sussed and I couldn't believe that everytime I went into a bookstore I would find different books and magazines that I hadn't seen before.

This is the front cover of a special edition magazine that came out recently - it was produced by a knitting magazine and is devoted entirely to FELT. How to wet felt, how to needle felt, loads of different project and millions of adverts for websites and suppliers of felting products - heaven !!!

And this is a really lovely book that I bought - I was drawn to it because of the fantastic colours and the projects are just great. I've got lots of ideas from it, but won't have time to try them all out in time for the Christmas events. Maybe after Christmas I can have a bit of a rest and try out some of the ideas that are on my ever increasing project lists !

That's it from me for now - I'm off to faff some more !!


Sorry !


Sorry I've been very slow on the blogging front lately. It has been rather manic here and I'm struggling to keep up with everything - it seems like I've never been away - I think I need another holiday!!

First up - BA. Well, I called the lady back and it appears that you have to pay to be listed on their website and then people shop with you directly. Now, I know this would be an absolutely fantastic opportunity and I'm sure I would do well as they don't have anyone else selling goodies like mine, but I just can't afford to do it at the moment. Maybe next year.

I am manically busy getting stock together for the christmas shopping events I've got coming up. The first one is the Charity event on the 2nd November. I've got lists and lists and lists coming out of my ears of stuff I need to do and remember, but I don't seem to be getting any further forward. Added to that, my Not on the High Street shop has started gettng very busy as well, with lots of orders (I presuming people are thinking about Christmas).
My in-laws have been up this weekend because Sam's class had a special afternoon for Grandparents on Friday and all of the children put on a little show - sadly parents weren't allowed to go, but my Dad filmed it all and it was great. Sam sang his little heart out and I was so proud of him. When they go back to school after half-term they'll start rehersing the Nativity - now that I really can't wait to see !

Yesterday and today was spent in the garden in the glorious sunshine. I love this time of year, but it's blimmin hard work sorting the garden out and cutting everything back. I've planted 150 daffodil bulbs, 50 tulips and two half barrels full of pansies, ivy, cyclamons and loads of miniature bulbs. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take photos, but will do and try to post them next time.

But I do have a picture of me chatting to Paul on the phone whilst outside that lovely craft shop in Mount Dora that I told you about last time ....

I also wanted to show you a fantastic book that I bought whilst I was away. If you're a crafty type like me and are wanting to turn your hobby into a career, you really should get a copy. Although it's aimed at the US market, a lot of it applies to everyone, so it's definitely worth a read.

Oh, and one more pic - these are the new brooches/pins I've been working on for the christmas shopping events. Fingers crossed they'll be good sellers.

See you soon.

Sarah x

I'm Back !


Well, I made it back from Florida in one piece. As much as I loved being there and spending time with my Mum & Dad, it was so lovely to come home to Paul and the children. I missed them all desperately, especially when I found out that Sam had performed in a Harvest Festival assembly at school and I missed it !! Anyone who has children will know how bad I felt at missing his first ever performance and I cried when Paul told me.
But, I have to say that the break really did me good and I'm now back and raring to go again.
I found some absolutely beautiful and brilliant crafty places on this trip. We visited the new little town that my parents are moving to. It's called Leesburg and is a typical small American town and no sign of Mickey Mouse to be found anywhere ! They have a weekly Saturday morning market and lots of the locals have stands there selling their home grown produce, jams, pickles etc and of course, crafts. You don't have to be a regular seller and I'm seriously thinking of taking a stand there next October (as I very much doubt I'll be going again before then). There was no-one selling anything like my goodies, so I think selling something different (and British) would do well.
We also visited another small town called Mount Dora and that is one of the most beautiful little towns I've been to. If I was to move to Florida that is where I would live for sure. They have lots of lovely little antique and craft shops and the most fantastic British tea room which is owned and run by a lady from Hatfield Peverel (which is a small village about 5 miles from where I live here in the UK !) They serve genuine Yorkshire Tea (the best tea in my opinion), out of a bone china tea pot into lovely bone china cups and saucers, along with homemade scones (which were massive) and clotted cream and jam. Yum !! Well worth a visit if you're ever in that part of the world.

Anyway - back to the crafts ! Mount Dora had a store called Crafty Corner (I think!) and it was basically the ground floor of a house that had been converted into a craft store. There were 27 "rooms" of crafts and it would appear that each crafter rented one of the rooms to display and sell their crafts. And what beautiful items there were - all manner of different crafts and each one completely different. Unfortunately I can't show you any pictures because you weren't allowed to take photos (as I had pointed out to me!) But take my word for it, they were beautiful.


(apologies for the photo - it's not one of mine, just one I found on a photo sharing site)

I also came across a stamping store which was jam packed with all sorts of scrapbooking, stamping and crafting goodies. I managed to spend rather a lot of money in that shop and the lady that owned it was so friendly and knowledgeable - I'll definitely be visiting there again.

Below are a few pictures of some of the goodies that I bought - unfortunately I can't show you photos of everything because we would be here all day ... literally !

I should definitely go away more often though because I've received so many orders and enquiries whilst I've been away, it's amazing ! My interview with Crafts Beautiful was published here and appears to have been read by quite a few people, resulting in 4 different enquiries from craft shops and galleries around the UK wishing to stock my goodies. I also received a telephone call from BA - yes, that would be British Airways - enquiring about stocking some of my items in their online store. Now, if anything comes of that I will be SO chuffed !! I'll keep you updated though.

I was also working on some new designs whilst I was away and will show you pics in my next post - they just need to be finished off properly !

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings - it's great to be back !
Sarah x

A little rest


Well, today is Sam's 5th birthday ! I know, I know - he had his party 3 weeks ago, but it was a joint party with his best friend so we had to choose a date in between the 2 birthdays. Consequently, we seem to have been in a constant state of party ever since, what with Grace's 2nd birthday on Wednesday as well. Hopefully this evening will see the end of it all and we can try and get back to some sort of normality. The house is a mess because we've been having our windows replaced for what seems like an eternity and the lounge has turned into a toy and card shop !! Added to that the fact that our boiler seems to have packed up and we have no hot water or central heating and I have a house full of wet clothes which I don't know what to do with because it's chucking it down outside !!! Arghhhhhhhh

Still, I will soon be having a little rest and Sarah time (she says) as on Thursday I am off to sunny (hopefully) Florida for a week. My parents are moving house and I'm off to help them pack up. Unfortunately I am leaving Paul, Sam & Grace at home because of school and work and know I shall miss them desperately, but I can hopefully recharge my batteries a little and come back raring to go on the run up to Christmas !!!

Talking of Christmas (sorry!) I have been starting to get some stock together and last night finished this. It'smade up of felt with button portholes and a button at the top of the mast and lovely blue rick-rack at the waves

I will be taking it to the Charity Christmas shopping event I'm doing at the beginning of November and I'm hoping it will sell. Of course, if anyone else would like one, I would happily do one for them as well - just contact me sarah @ (just remove the spaces) - price £7 each with free postage.

I am also working on lots of yoyo hair bands for Sam's School Christmas Fair - the girls have to have their hair tied back and so I did a couple of these for one of his little friends and so many people have asked where they can buy them, that I've decided to do a whole load to sell at the Christmas fair. Pocket money priced at £2.00 each, I'm hoping lots of the little girls will want to buy them for their friends.

I just had an email from Crafts Beautiful magazine regarding their website and a new feature called "Crafty Corner News". They want to feature me and are sending me a whole load of questions for me to answer !! Hooray - more free publicity !! I'll let you know when it's published / live and you can all have a nosy ! ******UPDATE ~ the article will go live on Friday 5th October and be up on the website all weekend - ~ half way down the front page is the "Crafty Corner News" feature ******

I'll be back on the 13th October so all orders and enquiries placed through my website or this blog will be answered as soon as I get back.

See you soon
Sarah x


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