Royal Wedding Fever

Here at BF Shedquarters, Royal Wedding fever is starting to take hold.

My little madam is getting VERY excited at the fact that she is going to see a "real life Princess" get married and the school has announced that they will be holding a "street party" the day before the wedding and that there will be prizes for the best homemade crowns. So, I got to thinking "What can I use to make the most fantabulous crowns" ? Why - felt, buttons, ribbons and balls of course !!

In my quest to find the best things to use it suddenly came to me - if I'm looking for stuff to make Royal Wedding themed bits and pieces, then so will others.

So, I give you ..... The Blooming Felt Royal Wedding Supplies section. Stuffed full of Blooming Felt's red, white & blue coloured supplies. Buttons, Balls, Ribbons and Felt Sheets galore !

We'll look forward to seeing all of your creations very soon !

Have Fun !!!

PS. A quick reminder that BF will be operating a reduced (once a week) postal service from Saturday 2nd April until Wednesday 27th April. Sorry for the inconvenience guys - it's Easter !


Ribbon Addicts Beware !

Last time, our button addicts were well taken care of.

This time, it's the turn of all you ribbon addicts !!

OK - first of all, you need to grab a cuppa and a choccie biscuit. Ready ??

Take a deep breath - and here we go ............................................................................

Next - Bias Binding. We've got rather a lot of this so have split it into sections.

Then we've got some 1cm wide ric rac (just in 2 colours for the moment - more to follow) - this will be on the website this evening

OK - take a little break, gather yourself together and .... we're off again

And last, but by no means least .... gorgeous stitched edge striped ribbon

Breathe out and ......................... relax.

Have fun !!!

So many buttons ...

so little time !!!

We've had so many buttons delivered recently that I completely forgot to tell you about this little lot !

All now available on the website

Ribbon Addicts ..... it's your turn next - watch this space !!!

I Luuuuuurve ......

FAB new buttons now loaded onto the site.

I have to say, I think my most favourite buttons of all (and believe me, I've got a LOT of buttons in the studio !) are matt buttons.

I bought some matt buttons a couple of years ago when I was on holiday in the US and absolutely loved them. I tried to source them in the UK and struggled to find a supplier.

BUT, I have now managed to find these lovely matt buttons and as I didn't want to keep their loveliness all to myself, have started to stock them on the website.

Available in 4 colourways, you can grab them here.

Along with these buttons, we also sourced some new button bags

Each of these lovely bags contain 35g of gorgeous buttons (at least 100 buttons in each bag). Again, available in 4 colourways - get them here

And the last lot of new buttons (for today) are the 1.75cm spotty & stripey buttons. 4 new colourways have been added to the range - turquoise, navy, red & grey. Buy them individually here or as part of the "Seeing Spots" and "Seeing Stripes" button bags here

What else do I love ? Hmmmmm, new Needle Felting kits !!!!!

Now, I love our very own Blooming Felt Needle Felting starter kits, but once you've had a go and feel that you are ready to move onto the next stage, these particular needle felting kits will be perfect. Lots of woolly animals (with a sock monkey thrown in for good measure !). And to make these kits doubley special - BLOOMING FELT ARE THE ONLY UK SUPPLIER OF THESE PARTICULAR KITS ! Sorry - just had to shout that bit out !!

Something else that I wanted to tell you about (and which I also love) is the new GLUE that we have started to offer.

Here at Blooming Felt Shedquarters we have spent a looooooooonnnnnnnnng time testing different glues and have found that sadly, there isn't a one-size fits all when it comes to glue. You want to make something with the kids and need to glue your felt flowers together to make a brooch, the glue keeps soaking into the wool felt and not sticking it together. Then you want to glue a button on top as a centrepiece to the brooch (because you're like me .... a little lazy when it comes to sewing !) and the glue doesn't stick it. You decide that maybe you'll use superglue, but then the kids manage to stick the button to their fingers and then you get your fingers stuck to theirs trying to help them . So, after a visit to A&E to get said button and fingers unattached, you despair and give up. This is where Blooming Felt come to the rescue !!

We have 2 FAB glues for you to use. The first is called .... wait for it .... FELT GLUE ! And is specifically designed to glue FELT (funny that !)

It's a white glue (which dries clear) so you can see where you're putting it. It doesn't soak into the wool felt (unless of course you tip the whole bottle onto it!) and dries very very hard. It really does take a lot of force to get the 2 pieces of felt apart.

The second glue is designed as a jewellery adhesive, but works absolutely brilliantly for sticking buttons on to felt, cabouchons or buttons onto the flat pad findings, brooch pins onto felt etc. Again, a white glue that dries clear - this particular glue takes a little while to dry but at least that means you can reposition stuff if you need to. As with the Felt Glue, this glue is super strong.

Both of our new glues are non-toxic and suitable for children to use.

And finally for today (because I don't want you getting too excited all at once !) .... silk strings. A number of different colours, all 100% silk and perfect for use in jewellery making, embellishing, card crafts and lots of other projects.

So ...... what's not to love about that little lot ?!

Lots more exciting stuff to tell you about next time.

See you soon !!

Announcing the winner

of the March FREEBIE ....

We had 51 comments (including the 6 on our Facebook Page). After typing these into the random number generator, it produced the following number

Number 1
Sorry for the bad photo - it wouldn't let me copy the box so I had to take a picture of it, and my camera wasn't too keen !
Amanda at !!
I will post a message on your blog as well, so do please email me sarah @ with your colour choice of kit and address details so we can send your goodies out to you.
Many thanks to everyone who took the time to enter the competition. The next FREEBIE will be available on this blog on 1st April.
I'll be back with more news of life at Blooming Felt Shedquarters very soon.
Sarah xx


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