Special Offers & New Products

As I said in my last post, I've been very busy updating the special offers section of the website with lots of lovely goodies that are pretty much one-offs and are unlikely to be repeated.

So, you might want to grab a cuppa and a couple of choccy biccies before you sit down to check out these offers (and new products!)

First up are little bags of the hand-painted ceramic buttons. For the show recently I bought in a whole load of ceramic buttons to sell individually - whilst they did all sell very well, I am left with a number of designs that aren't standard stock items so thought I would bag up little bags containing a mix of 10 buttons and offer them for sale at a slightly cheaper price than they would be if purchased individually.

Next are some little felt flowers in beautiful autumnal colours, each with a teeny bead at their centre. Sold in bags of 25 - containing 5 of each colourway.

Next up - crocheted balls. These are all excess stock that I received and once again, these aren't my standard stock colours, so I'm offering mixed bags of 20 balls.

Also, fish-eye buttons - 25g bags

And finally, these teeny tiny little buttons (apologies for the grainy photos). I've had these sitting in the bottom of a box for a whole year now and it's about time they made their way onto the website. The first lot are called "Inheritance" and the second are called "Stocking Filler". Both come in round and square buttons. Once again, these won't be repeated so grab them while you can.

The gorgeous pink BIG ONE buttons are now on the website, ready for you to snap up and turn into funky button brooches.

I also have new colours of the 1cm spotty and gingham buttons on order so the "Polka Dot Party" and "Gingham Garden Party" button bags will very soon contain 100 buttons !! Now that's some party !!

Lots of lovely new felt accessories have also been loaded onto the website. A new range of felt bags, corsages, purses and rings are all now available in the "Felt Accessories" sub-category of the "Little Treats" section. Perfect for Christmas (sorry - that word again !!)

I today took delivery of more lovely crocheted flowers, so these are now fully stocked on the website (along with 2 new colours in the 1 inch size, which I forgot to take photos of, but will be on the site within the next couple of days)

I do apologise if your orders are taking a while to get to you. I was thinking of offering "Special Delivery" as a postage option whilst the strikes are on, but then found out that they're not guaranteeing delivery so that's a bit of a waste of time ... and money .. if you ask me. But fingers crossed it will all be resolved soon and everything will be back to normal.

Now, I've kept you here for far too long ... off you go and snap up some of those special offers and new products !!

See you soon xx

I'm Famous !!

Well ... sort of ! I popped into the newsagents the other day to get some sweeties (as you do) and
saw the new Sew Hip magazine sitting on the shelf. Hmmm, I thought to myself "I wonder if there's anything in there about the Knitting & Stitching Show at Ally Pally?" So I reached up to the top shelf (?!) and grabbed a copy and saw the words "Backstage at Ally Pally" on the front cover. As I flicked through the magazine it fell open at this page

OMG !!! It's ME !!! A lovely colour picture of my stand at Ally Pally, along with a mention of me by name on the following page!! I was SO excited I ran over to the lady serving at the counter and showed it to her "That's me!" I said. "Oh, lovely" she replied. She could have been a bit more enthusiastic, but never mind. I was ecstatic !!

Then, in the evening as I was leafing through the mag properly I saw this in the "Things We Love" section

Me AGAIN !! Oh WOW -It's my felt ball & button necklace kit. I am so happy (can you tell?) I'm hoping that my interview with the mag will appear in a future issue. That really would be the icing on the cake :o)

Sarah xx

PS. I'm STILL working on the Special Offers section of the website - it should be ready very soon, but I'm starting to struggle with picking & packing orders, updating the website & blog, attempting to make stuff for 2 Christmas fairs that I've got coming up, along with normal everyday life. Contrary to popular belief I am not Superwoman - sorry, but I am trying my hardest to juggle everything so keep an eye out for the Special Offers section being updated very soon x


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