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A selection of Buttons & Ribbons have now been added to the SALE !

Done !

The tree is decorated, the presents are wrapped,
hair was chopped off (!)
and nails are done and the man from Ocado delivered the turkey !

This morning my little madam and I made the Gingerbread House from the kit that I bought at the Country Living Fair. I think it turned out ok !!

This afternoon we will hopefully be attending the crib service at the village church (depending on what time hubby gets back from work - relying on trains on Christmas Eve is not good !) and really getting into the Christmas spirit !

So all that remains to be said now is "Have a fantastic Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year !"

Sarah x

PS. Don't forget the Blooming Felt website sale starts on the 27th December !!

Nearly there !

Yes, I feel that Christmas is nearly here. Well, I hope so anyway ! I really thought that my various online shops would have slowed down now we're getting closer to Christmas, but how wrong was I? People are still manically buying all sorts of items, which I won't complain about, but I'm hoping that by the end of the week it will be a bit quieter and I can have a bit of a rest.

Being so busy and still working in my part-time day job and being a full-time Mummy has left me absolutely exhausted so much so that I think my body just gave up on me on Friday night. I was due to attend my final Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday morning, but my body obviously had other ideas. I really wasn't very well during Friday night and consequently couldn't do the craft fair. I spent all of Saturday afternoon in bed asleep and got up to watch Strictly and then went straight back to bed again and slept all night ! I must have needed it because the next day I felt much better. I even managed to redo the Christmas tree which the children had attempted to decorate while I was in bed on Saturday afternoon and unfortunately I am Monica (from Friends) and just couldn't leave it like that, so completely rearranged it all while they were out swimming on Sunday morning - fortunately they don't seem to have noticed !

Sam has now finished School for the Christmas holidays and we attended his absolutely fantastic School Carol Concert last Thursday evening. The whole school attends at the local church and it's just beautiful seeing and hearing all the talented children take part. To me, that is the real start of Christmas.

I've been thinking that maybe I should restructure my blog in the New Year. I've been reading lots of other blogs lately and they always seem so much more interesting than mine. So I've decided that I need to add much more content and links to relevant articles etc. Hopefully you'll see the difference and it will make for more enjoyable reading, rather than my never-ending ramblings and constant website plugs.

Talking of which (sorry, I just can't help it !) the felt balls below were delivered today - YAY !!! I just LOVE these designs. I'm going to call them Carnival (spott), Fiesta (spiral) & Jamboree (mixed) Balls and you'll be able to buy them in Grab Bags and also singley (apologies for the bad photos - I'm going to try and retake them tomorrow).

And, I've been researching lots of lovely new stock for the New Year - bear with me and I'll be back to plug it all very soon !

Oh, and while I think of it - my website SALE will be starting on Saturday 27th December. Lots of end of line stock will be up for grabs and if you join my website mailing list (on the home page) before I issue my next website update/newsletter, you'll get an extra discount - you'd better be quick though because as soon as I retake those photos, the newsletters will be emailed out.

So go on .... what are you waiting for !!

Sarah x

General Ramblings

Hiya !

Today is going to be one of those general rambling posts - so bear with me.

First up is a bit of a strange one. I found out today that some people have a fear of BUTTONS !! Can you believe that? The poor people, I can't imagine what it must be like to be afraid of buttons ! Hubby informs me that he is scared of them, but I don't believe him for one tiny second - he's just getting fed up with the amount of buttons that are starting to take over our house - although he could be afraid of the fact that he might actually drown in a sea of buttons (which is quite possible judging by the amount of buttons I've got .... with even more on the way !!). Personally, I think that would be a lovely way to go ;o)

Now, the Christmas spirit is starting to take hold in our house. Whilst we haven't yet put the tree up (that's next weekend), we've got Advent calenders to open, Nativity plays and Carol concerts to attend, Christmas cards to write, presents to wrap and a candle-light lantern parade to attend whilst watching Father Christmas arrive on a narrowboat .... that should be interesting. No doubt my little madam will want to know why the reindeer aren't on the boat !! .

I did virtually all of my Christmas shopping online this year, with the exception of a few lovely gifts that I purchased at the Country Living show. Everything has now been delivered and is squirrelled away, waiting to be wrapped, although quite how I'm going to wrap a rather large wooden dollshouse, complete with furniture, is starting to worry me. Any ideas gratefully received.

And whilst I'm here, I'll give you a quick website update.

Today I've added the most gorgeous sets of sparkly, feathery, tinselly trim & ribbon to the site. Available in 5 different colours this trim will certainly glam up your Christmas pressies !!

The felt flowers are now back in stock, as are the mirrored, embroidered and tie dye felt balls. New designs of felt balls include spiral balls, swirly balls and knitted / crocheted balls - all available to buy individually and in Grab Bags.

I've also got a number of new designs of felt balls arriving later this week, so my next post will be all about them ! Oh, and I've added some new colours of 100% wool felt to the site. More colours will be on their way soon.

And ... remnant silk sari ribbon is a lovely new addition to the site as well. All hand-dyed and stitched end to end, this ribbon will make a fantastic embellishment on all sorts of projects. £5 will get you approximately 25g .... and that's a lot of silk ribbon !!!

Right - time to go. Those Christmas cards won't write themselves !


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