3 days to go !!

Yes, it's just 3 days until I go to the Country Living Fair in London. I can't wait - I'm just so excited.

I only found out about the Country Living Fairs in the Autumn of last year and then visited their Christmas Fair. It was absolutely amazing - if I had had enough money I would have bought something from every single stall it was that good ! So, I'm hoping that the Spring Fair will be just as good - I've been saving my pennies. It's a fantastic place to visit for inspiration too - so many wonderful handmade items all under one roof. It's making me feel happy just thinking about it.

But before stepping into the CL Fair, I shall be visiting V V Rouleaux in Marylebone (and this is nearly as exciting as the CL Fair !!) For anyone who doesn't know, V V Rouleaux is probably the best haberdashery store in the whole wide world !! It is an Aladin's cave of ribbons, buttons, and every type of trimming you could possibly think of. I shall have to make sure I don't spend too much money in there otherwise I won't have any left for the Fair !

This evening I have been needle felting yet more hair accessories - just little balls this time, as I was attempting to catch up on last week's Desperate Housewives at the same time, so needed something easy to do. I still managed to stab myself numerous times though !

I haven't posted any pictures today (sorry), but am saving them all up for when I next blog (probably on my return from the CL Fair).

Catch you later !

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