As Bob the Builder says ....


After hearing Bob the Builder say this numerous times over the last couple of weeks, it suddenly dawned on me that rather than spending all of my money on buttons and fabric at the haberdashery shop (apart from felt of course !!) that I should be recycling our no longer worn clothes.

After trying on numerous occasions to sell the children's clothes that they had grown out of on Ebay without any luck (apart from the designer stuff), I've got lots of plastic storage boxes of their old clothes up in the loft just sitting there, so what better way to recycle them than to take them all apart and re-use them for my craft projects. These are just a couple of bits I pulled out from the cupboard this morning - the rest will be making their way down from the loft later

All of those lovely tiny buttons and gorgeous fabrics - it will break my heart to take them all apart because for every one I look at it will jog a happy memory of when the children were wearing them, but, there is absolutely no point having all those clothes just sitting there doing nothing, when they could be put to good use elsewhere.

I have to say though, I have given quite a few of their old clothes and toys to charity recently, so don't feel so bad about keep some back for myself.

Just wanted to post a quick pic as well of the lovely knobs I got at the Country Living Fair - they will be going onto Grace's wardrobe this weekend.

A couple of photos also of the 2 Mother's Day cards I made last night. At least I got one thing crossed off my craft "to do" list.

My in-laws are coming up from Cornwall tomorrow for a few days, so I won't be able to blog much (or do much sewing and needle felting) sadly, but check back again next week once they've gone and I've got myself reorganised again !!

I'll leave you with this lovely picture of the daffodils around the 300 year old Mulberry tree in our garden. Hopefully they'll make you smile and feel happy just as I did when I saw them :-)

Have a good weekend and to any Mums that are reading this post - have a lovely day on Sunday x

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paper-and-string said...

why not save a bit of fabric from each item of clothes and turn the pieces into a memory quilt? then every time you look at the quilt you will remember lots of happy times :-)
or you could do a pillow if a quilt seems a bit big and scary!!!
have a nice weekend xxx


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