So, today's the day ....

that I post my first ever blog entry !! Gosh, how nervous am I ??! After weeks and weeks of reading fantastic blogs belonging to other wonderful people, I have decided to take the plunge and set up my own blog !

But, the reason I am so nervous is because I'm worried that no-one will want to read it. After all, what's so interesting about a WAHM of 2 from Essex ?? Well, nothing really, except I love to craft and am hoping, through this blog to be able to share my work with you and to get inspiration, tips and lots of ideas from other blogs and (if I get any) readers !

When I'm not looking after the children or working for my Dad, I design and hand-stitch textile pictures, mainly for children but I do have a few other designs for adults - I've put a couple of pictures below of the type of thing that I do. I sell these pictures through my website .

One of the other reasons for creating this blog is because I need a kick up the backside to get going with new some designs and ideas. I seem to be suffering what what writers would call "writer's block". Maybe it's called "crafter's block" for crafters, I don't know - but basically I seem to have hit a brick wall with regards to creativity. I desperately want to add other textile accessories and other fun and quirky stuff to my range on my website, but haven't been able to come up with anything really original or different. So by having this blog I'm hoping that it will give me the push I need to get going on some new stuff - otherwise, what will I have to share with you? Absolutely nothing, and then there's no chance whatsoever that you would ever come back and visit this blog again !!

So, I think that's just about it for today - I shall surf for ideas for a little while and then I'm off into the garden to lop a branch off a tree because I want to make a twig tree to use as a display at a couple of craft fairs I will be selling at ... but more of that in future posts !!


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