It can't be that time again can it ???

I can't believe yet another month has passed !! What is going on ? I really wish I could stop the clock every so often - time is quite literally flying by at the moment.

So yes, it is, once again, FREEBIE time !

This month I've decided to give away some flat pad stuff for you to get glueing with !

Eagle eyed readers of this little old blog will know that we recently added some fab new cabochons to our website. They're perfect for glueing onto our flat pad rings as, of course, are buttons, felt balls, and our new FIMO flat pad bows !

So, here'swhat this month's lucky winner will receive ....

5 flat pad rings

10 flat pad hair slides

A bottle of Gem-Tac glue

and a selection of cabochons

To enter, just leave a comment on this actual blog post (NOT the facebook blog post), before 5pm next THURSDAY 7th July.

  • The giveaway is open to everyone - I'll ship worldwide
  • Only 1 entry per person
  • I MUST be able to contact you via your blog or website. If you don't have either of these, please ensure you leave your email address on the comment. If your number is picked and I am unable to contact you, the prize will be redrawn and offered to another participant
  • All comments to be received before 5pm on Thursday 7th July


It's that time of year again

Yep - it IS that time of year again.

This weekend is the the annual SALVO fair.

Anyone who has been following this blog since last year (thanks for sticking with me!) will know that I attended the SALVO Fair at Knebworth House last year and came home with a cast iron roll top bath.

Today, I managed to spend slightly less (hubby is breathing a HUGE sigh of relief) and was very restrained in my purchasing !

Fortunately, the rain held off all day and the sun made a very welcome appearance after lunch. There was a huge array of exhibitors (I think more than last year) all selling a fantastic selection of reclaimed pieces. From reclaimed stone walling, phoneboxes, pillar boxes, radiators (I have my eye on some), an old movie camera

don't quite know what you'd do with it but it would make a fantastic talking point. Maybe you could convert it to a lamp ? Damn - why didn't I think of that before ??!!!

The most amazing carved wooden statues (from tree trunks)

How about this ? A Timetable !!! Watch faces all on display in a glass topped table. Hmmmm - I wonder if you could open it up and replace them with buttons ?

And that about these ?
I really DON'T know what to suggest to do with these

A ship's figurehead

and a yellow submarine (sorry they're not slightly better photographs - my little man took them!)

Beautiful hand painted reclaimed furniture (complete with needle felted balls) Child not included, although was thinking about accepting offers due to the amount of moaning she was doing !

A miniature shepherd's hut - wish I'd never bought the wendy house now !!

And now my most favourite pieces - which I managed to nab

We're praying for snow again this year as the kids talked us into buying a traditional wooden sledge

A beautiful repainted bistro garden set - now residing here in our garden

Some fantastic willow planters (sorry - forgot to take a photo - doh !)

And ................................................................

drumroll .........................................................

are you holding your breath ?? .....................................................................................

OMG - I am SO excited ...............................

THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A 60 drawer filing cabinet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

60 drawers in which to house all of our lovely buttons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it ????

I have to say - when I saw this unit I started to go a bit giddy !! Hubby raised his eyebrows very high when he saw the price tag but I've watched Bargain Hunt ! I know how to haggle !

So, in I went and asked the very lovely man behind the desk "what's your best price on this". To which he replied "what do you want to pay?" This threw me a little bit, and I replied "not that much !!"
"Make me an offer" he said.
"OK" I said, and knocked £175 off the price !
"I'll need to consult my colleague" he said.
Then, the said colleague came into the marquee. He looked at the price tag and added £100 on to what I'd offered.
"No" I said confidently (although inside I was panicking slightly) and upped my offer by £50 - that's fair I thought - I'm meeting him half way. Actually, I couldn't afford anymore and was just praying that he would say yes. And guess what ?? HE DID !!!

This fantastic unit will soon be residing in BF Shedquarters. It will have a sample of each button glued onto each drawer and then be filled up with all of our lovely button stock. Watch this space for photos of it "in situ"

After that, the children were really starting to whine about how boring it was walking round and asking "when can we go to the adventure park"? So, before I could spend any more money, we headed off to Fort Knebworth for lots of kiddy (and a bit of grown-up) fun.

Another fab day at SALVO, with smiles all round.
You should go, it's really good fun !!


In case you didn't know ....

we've added a lot of fab new products to the website !

The only reason I say "in case you didn't know" is because we have recently sent out details of all of these new products on our newsletter (subscribe at the bottom of our website home page) and have heavily publicised them all on both Twitter and Facebook. And so now, it's the turn of our BLOG readers !

Meet the new additions to the Blooming Felt family :

Funky Kitsch Cabochons (various colourways and styles available)

We added a lot of new FIMO beads and some of them have actually sold out, but don't worry, more are on their way ! And talking of the fimo stuff, the ice lollies have been restocked (but I think the pink ones might have just sold out again) Sorry !!

The 1.5mm thick wool felt has just been restocked if you were waiting for this to come back in and, as always, we've got lots more new products on their way to us !!

I've just updated last week's most popular products (here) as well, so you can see what everyone else is snapping up !!

See you soon

Announcing the winner ....

Thank you for all of your lovely comments for June's Freebie !

I just put the 37 numbers into and it picked number 15. (I'm trying to work out how to put proof of the actual number picked onto the blog - fingers crossed I'll have sussed it out for next time !)

Comment number 15 was from Gill - CONGRATULATIONS ! I'll email you to find out which ribbons etc you'd like.

Sorry to everyone else, but we'll have another Freebie Giveaway in July, so do please keep coming back and entering !

I'll be back again next week with details of lots of the lovely new goodies that are in the process of being loaded onto the website.

See you soon !

Before ...



Finally, it's finished (except the toilet leaks) !
Blooming bathroom !

PS. The FREEBIE is still running - it's here


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