Twig Trees, Felt & Friday Freebies !!!

Hooray - it's Friday and yet another lovely day here in Essex !

I had to take Grace for her Measles jab this morning - didn't go down too well, but a chocolate button soon sorted the tears out ! Then I spent an hour fighting my way round Sainsburys. What is it with Friday mornings in that place??!!

As it was such a lovely afternoon we headed out to the local open/children's farm. Good job we took the wellies - the place was an absolute mud bath. Still, we got to see some lambs being born - the children were amazed (as was I) and then we were able to feed some of the other lambs that were born a couple of weeks ago and whose mothers had rejected them. That was so good - but you had to hang on to the bottle for dear life - they've got some suck on them those little lambs !!

But before we went to the farm, I managed to get a piccie of my twig tree - still in its original form (but minus the branch we lopped it from!). If I don't manage to get it set in the plaster of paris, I can always get Sam to come to the craft fairs with me and stand there all day holding it !

I have to admit to having a little spending spree today (and last night !) I bought a few bits and pieces to get started on my needle felting and then came across the most amazing book whilst reading another blog. Just look at these gorgeous items, all of which have patterns in this book. I scoured the web trying to find this book and finally found a copy at The only trouble is the book is in Japanese, so if anyone can translate for me I would be most grateful :-)

Lastly for today I must tell you about the most brilliant Friday Freebie that I won today from the Paper-and-String blog. This lovely lady does giveaways once a month (I believe) and all you need to do is comment on her post for that particular day, leave your email address and you'll automatically be entered into the freebie draw. How cool is that ?? Today, I was lucky enough to win one of her new range of "Make your Own Flower Brooch" kits, which I am so excited about because she is also supplying me with a number of these for my upcoming craft fairs and I can now see one "in the flesh" whereas I've only seen the pics up until now. If you want to buy one of these fabulous kits, you can do so through her ebay shop. Just click on the link above to her blog and then click on her "ebay shop" link.

I probably shouldn't be telling you about these freebies, because now you'll all be commenting on her posts and there's less chance of me winning something ! But, as her stuff is just so gorgeous, I had to let you into the secret !

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