Do you love stitching ?

Yes ?  Then you'll love our latest offer .....

Buy any 2 Sublime Stitching Embroidery floss sets for just £8 - that's a saving of £2 !

For a limited time only !!

Even MORE special offers !!

Now that our offer on felt bags has finished, you're probably wondering what our next special offer is right ?

Well, we've decided to offerr FREE SHIPPING  on all Michael Miller cotton fabric on our site (from now until 10pm on Friday 10th May) - that's all spotty fabric, all striped fabric and all tiny gingham fabric ...


We've got a Special Offer going on !

Oooooh look !!

We're offering 2 of our fabulous felt bucket bags for just £12 !!!
That's a saving of £4 !!

Mix & match available across the colour range !!

Be quick .... this offer is only available until Friday 3rd May 

Fancy holding a crafty party ?

Then check out the latest addition to our website .... CRAFT PARTY PACKS !!!

Available for either 5 people

or 10 people

Each pack works out at just £5 per person .... Happy Crafting !! 

Come visit us !!

Hurrah !!  Now that we have a new Shedquarters (with lots of space), we have decided that we'll open to all felt fans, buttonaholics, ribbon addicts and all other crafty peeps on a regular basis.

So, starting on Friday 19th April, we'll be open most Fridays from 10am until 2pm for you to visit our crafty paradise, have a cuppa, take a look at all of our lovely supplies, ask for advice, meet other craft addicts, maybe buy a few bits and bobs, swoon at our pink carpet and just generally have a nice time !!

If you'd like to pop in, our address is:

Blooming Felt
Unit 27 Chamberlains Farm
Sporhams Lane

Essex, CM3 4AJ

Tel: 01245 471690

Parking is available, but bring your boots if the weather is wet as the carpark tends to get a bit muddy !!

Hope to see you there !!

Bonkers for Buttons !

We've had a HUGE delivery of buttons this week - which are your favourites ?

You can find all of our new buttons (and lots more fun stuff) here 

A new home !!

Hurrah .... we've moved !!!

Well, I say hurrah, but I really was sad to leave my old Shedquarters in our garden.  Tuesday was moving day and fortunately for us it was a lovely sunny day.  The removal guys were fantastic and didn't complain once that they had to make another trip when they had only quoted for one.

Everything fits perfectly into our new shed

The pink carpet is REALLY pink (but I absolutely love it)

We've even got some spare shelves now that we can spread everything out and we've got loads of room left over to fill with new units (when we've got a bit more money!) and also lots of new product lines, which is just as well because after spending a rather large amount at the trade show  last Sunday, we'll need the extra room !

Unfortunately, the store room is still a bit of a mess - but we just shut the door on that and pretend it's not there !!

We've got a lovely new sign on order that will take pride of place on the outside wall

and once I've put a couple of pots of spring flowers and a couple of hanging baskets outside, our new home will be ready to receive visitors !!

Once Easter has been and gone, we'll be telling you all about our regular open days.  We're hoping to open 1 day a week and then occasionally on Saturdays for those of you that can't make it during the week.  Keep your eyes peeled for more info


Look what I saw .....

This is the display on the F&W Media stand at the Craft, Hobby & Stitch International trade show currently on at the NEC in Birmingham.  A sneak preview of some of the projects you can expect in our book, due for publication in October !!!

Excited doesn't even begin to describe how I feel 


Decisions, decisions

Kitting out new Shedquarters is a hard job ... but someone's got to do it !!

Folders and pens

Paint charts for walls and bookcases 

and funky button style storage boxes courtesy of a lovely friend !!

Bonkers for Buttons !

We've gone bonkers for buttons here at Shedquarters !!

Welcome to PLANET BUTTON !

STARBURST contains lots of colourful stars !

DAISY DAISY are just plain cute

DISCO make us want to party

SMARTIES - which colour are your favourite ?

SWEETHEARTS - we love them !

A new home !

WARNING .... this could be a long post so you might want to get a cuppa and a biscuit before settling down to read it !

OK - are you ready ??  Then I'll begin ...

As I haven't been around for a while, I haven't been able to tell you the exciting news ... we're moving !!  

Yes, after 3 brilliant years in our little purpose built Shedquarters in my garden, we are now bursting at the seams and working not only from Shedquarters, but also using my summerhouse as a storage unit and renting a mini warehouse !!  Sadly, it has become impossible to continue working like this .... we spend a lot of our time going backwards and forwards to the warehouse bringing stock back, which then goes into the summerhouse and is then transferred to Shedquarters when we run low on stock in there.  We also spend an awful lot of our time looking in boxes for stock that might, or might not be in there !!  We're not very organised at all !

So, I had to make a decision.  If I want to grow my little business into a bigger business and offer lots more fantastic product lines, get the wholesale side of the business up and running and have regular "open days", then we need to move.  It was a hard decision to make, after all, Blooming Felt was born and has grown up to be nearly 7 years old in my house, but I'm pretty sure it's the right decision.

So, the hunt for suitable premises was on.  You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find the right place.  There wasn't a huge amount on the market anyway and I was quite specific about, not necessarily the type of building, but where it was located.  Craft businesses, in my mind, shouldn't live on industrial estates.  We don't want to be looking out of the window at giant lorries delivering goodness knows what to other premises, or hear the constant sound of cars being mended / revved up etc.  We want to be somewhere relatively small and quiet and close to home.  So, despite being on the books of all the local commercial premises agents, no-one could offer us what we were looking for.  I decided to take matters into my own hands and start looking at the classifieds section in the back of the local paper and spied an advert for workshop / office space in the next village to ours saying the following "NO MOTOR TRADERS".  Hmmmmm - that's interesting I thought and called them straight up.  Half an hour later I was at the address looking at 2 vacant "sheds".  And they really were sheds ... former chicken sheds.  It's fate, I thought !  We have a Shedquarters and we need a new Shedquarters - it's perfect !!!!  Well, sort of perfect.  It needs quite a lot of work to get it to how we want it but it will be fantastic once it's done !  (It's also nowhere near as pretty as my current Shedquarters, but I suppose chicken sheds aren't particularly pretty!)

Fast forward to today and I have just signed the lease !  My lovely builder friend is starting work on the unit today and I have ordered .... wait for it .... hot pink carpet !!!!!!!!  I know, it's mad to have a pink carpet but d'you know what ?  I don't care !! It's Blooming Felt Shedquarters and if we want a pink floor, we'll have a pink floor !!!!  

All of the walls will be white and with a hot pink carpet I think it'll look perfect !!  White is, of course, the perfect backdrop to show off all of our lovely colourful felt goodies so I foresee a number of trips to Ikea to get lots more storage units (thank goodness for Ikea !!) 

I'll try and post "in progress" pics on a fairly regular basis - we're hoping the conversion works won't take more than a couple of weeks so you won't have too long to wait to see the finished article ! 

Stick with us everyone ... it'll be worth it :o)))


We're back !!!

After taking the decision just before Christmas to stop posting on this blog, I have now done a complete u-turn and decided that we'll bring it back to life !!

It's extra work for me, but even though we have a blog on our website, I find that's very "business" orientated and this little old blog always let me post all sorts of random stuff on here including family stuff, holiday stuff and of course, business stuff.  And let's face it, constantly talking business does get a bit boring even though Blooming Felt business stuff is NEVER, EVER boring !!

I'm not sure how many of the people that read this blog also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc and I suspect I'll be duplicating some stuff, but there will be lots of "new" stuff on here and as FB doesn't let you run competitions then we'll do them through this blog instead :o) 

So - we're back !!!

Hopefully you haven't abandoned us completely and it would be lovely if you could spread the word that we're back with "News from Shedquarters" and perhaps leave a little comment on this post so that we know you haven't forgotten about us.

If you don't follow us through other social media type sites, then you won't know that we are now stocking 1mm thick 100% wool felt !!  It has been a long time coming, but it's finally here - 30 colours at the moment, with the likelihood that we'll be taking the full 70 colour range from the supplier VERY soon 

And in my next post I'm hoping to have some even more exciting news to tell you.

In the meantime, do please leave us a comment and let us know you're here !!

See you next time


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