Oh the stress !

Whoever said it was a good idea to exhibit at the Knitting & Stitching Show was completely mad !

I'm going round and round in circles, still making lists (from which not much is being crossed off), lurching from one thing to the next and never actually managing to finish anything.

Sadly, some of my stock that I was wanting to take to the show still hasn't arrived, one of the kits still needs making up - well, when I say 1 of the kits, what I actually mean is 1 design of kit still needs to be made up and we need to make up 100 of the things - arghhhh. Then all of the kits need tagging with swing tags (that's 300 kits !). All of the jars need to be restocked with felt balls etc., all of the price tags need printing, all of the stock needs to be divided between batch 1 (on the stand from day 1) and batch 2 (back-up stock) and in between all of this we are still trying to process the huge amount of orders that are coming in every day.

So, this email is to inform you that any orders placed between Saturday 2nd October and Tuesday 12th October inclusive won't be processed or dispatched until Wednesday 13th October. Many, many apologies for any inconvenience this may cause but unless we stop doing orders, we're just not going to be ready for Ally Pally next week.

Sorry again and if you're coming to Ally Pally next week, do pop by and say HELLO !!!!


Child Labour ...

is alive and well at Blooming Felt !!!

When you buy your felt stacks, please spare a thought for these poor children (although maybe not so poor as I'm actually having to pay them !!)

Sarah x

Finally !

The kitchen is FINISHED !!!!!!!

Hurrah !

I can't believe it. Nearly 6 weeks after we started, the kitchen is pretty much finished. All that remains is for me to choose the material for the blinds and get them fitted.

Maybe now, we can get on an enjoy it !!!

This week has seen my little shadow start at "big school".

After the initial excitement of her first day, she has sadly realised that she's in it for the long haul. She doesn't like the teacher because "she bosses me around" ! Sadly my gorgeous girl, that is what teacher's do. "I told them that after refreshments, we always do colouring at nursery and they said I couldn't do it" - that's because you're at big school now and not nursery anymore. "How many more times do I have to go there?" LOTS !!!

It really breaks my heart when she tells me all these things. Of course, she has her brother at the school as well, but his patience is starting to wear a bit thin because she seems to spend the lunchtimes crying and the teachers have to get Sam to try and cheer her up, which was fine to start off with, but now he's missing playing footie with his friends and is getting a bit cross with Grace.

How hard it must be to be 4 years old.


Last Days of the School Hols

To make the very most of the last few days of the school holidays, my very good friend Amanda invited the children and I to spend the day with her and her 2 cheeky monkeys at Bewilderwood in Norfolk.

What a fantastic day out !!! None of us had been before and we weren't too sure what to expect, but how brilliant it was.

Lots of treehouses


zip wires

rope bridges

interactive story telling (note the felt outfits !!)

boat trips


laughing and smiling faces

Thank you our wonderful friends, for a FAB day out !!!



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