Snow Snow go away !

I know, I sound like a right bah humbug but really .... this snow is not good news. The children have been off school for 2 days now because of the snow, I've got orders coming out of my ears and I haven't even started my Christmas shopping !

I was hoping for a flying visit to Bluewater today to try and at least get some shopping done, but with the children off school, it just wasn't going to happen.
And the other Christmas Shopping problem I face is that my 2 break up from school next Thursday ! Arghhhhh - what to do ??!!

There is, however, a little ray of hopefulness on the horizon. The Parents Association at school have organised a coach trip up to Harrods for the day on Saturday (weather permitting of course !) Now, there is absolutely no way on this earth that I will be Christmas shopping in Harrods but there are rather a lot of other lovely shops that I can visit and hopefully do some Christmas shopping in. The plan was that we would mooch around Harrods for a couple of hours, then go and get a lovely lunch somewhere and then window shop and look at all the lovely Christmas lights and displays. However, with me still needing to buy presents for virtually everyone, I fear a mad Christmas Shopping Trolley Dash is on the cards for Saturday. Never mind, I'm sure we'll have a lovely day whatever we end up doing !

Look at those icicles on our garages !!

In the meantime, my Paypal account will be taking a hammering with, I've no doubt, purchases from Etsy, Folksy and Dawanda .... and many of the other lovely handmade websites I have bookmarked ! If you sell through any of these channels ... look out - I could be visiting you very soon !

PS. For anyone awaiting my felty delivery, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be here sometime next week

Stay warm

Needles !

After nearly a year (yes, a whole year !!!) of searching, I have finally managed to source needles that are sharp enough and have a large enough eye to take beading elastic, and are therefore absolutely perfect for threading felt balls.

I'm hoping this will make a LOT of my customers happy :o)
AND, if you want your little ones to learn the fantastic art of sewing, I've also got plastic needles now on the website.


Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree
How lovely are your branches ??

Well, not really branches, more felty circles really, but how beautiful is this tree ?

This has been made by one of my lovely customers (and her little daughter). Made from one of our thick felt stacks, you can see how to make your very own felty Christmas Tree by visiting Julia's blog.

Thanks for letting me share your wonderful photo and tutorial Julia


More goodies

Mr Postman delivered some more goodies to me today.

Beauuuuuuuuutiful Soft Cotton Thread by DMC

I've been thinking about adding thread to our ever expanding shop for quite some time now, but it took me ages and ages to decide exactly which thread would be the best to stock. Thankfully, DMC had the perfect solution !

Their Soft Cotton Thread is a single strand cotton wool which is traditionally used for tapestry and needlepoint, and being that much thicker than normal sewing thread, works perfectly with the 4mm thick wool felt that we supply.

I've chosen 22 colours to match and compliment our thick felt range.

Hope you love it as much as I do !!!


Whizz, Bang !

I hope you all had a lovely, safe bonfire night.

We invited a number of friends over to celebrate with a big bonfire in the field, lots of fantastic fireworks, sparklers and mulled wine

I was particularly excited because my new camera has a "Fireworks" mode on it (sorry, I know that's a bid sad - but look at the lovely clear pictures !!!)

Thanks for coming guys - we had a great time !!


Be still my beating heart

For they are just pom poms !!


What will you do with yours ?



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