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It's almost the end of the weekend.

Saturday was yet another gorgeous day weather-wise and I spent the morning in the hairdressers - Glenn did a fab job. I then managed to spend £50 in the haberdashery shop on felt !! £50!!!!! Sshhh - don't tell hubby. Mind you, the colours were just so gorgeous I couldn't resist them - but I have to blame a fellow blogger for getting me hooked on felt.

Sunday was a wash-out. Hubby very kindly occupied the children virtually all day while I did the roast beef and yorkshire pudding, followed by a rather lovely rice pudding ! And I then spent the afternoon cutting out templates and pinning them to my lovely new stash of felt. However, all this constant spending apart from having a terrible effect on my bank balance, is rapidly turning our guest bedroom into a haberdashery store. Oh how I dream of having a studio of my very own where I can have everything neatly stored - I found a picture of a wonderful studio that another blogger had posted and am now yearning for something just like this

How wonderful it would be to have a room dedicated solely to my crafting :-)

I have been making sure that this particular photo is always on the screen when hubby is close to the computer, in the hope that he might notice and comment on how lovely it is.

Sorry about this slightly boring post. Hopefully I might have something more interesting to tell you and some new photos of my latest creations, over the next few days.


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paper-and-string said...

sorry....I think I may be the felt addictor !! Can't wait to see what you have made :-)


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