Even more lovely kits !!

After adding the fantastic Christmas kits (courtesy of Bagladee - go check out her site - it's FAB!), I suddenly remembered our own very lovely felt ball & buttons necklace kits that were sat lurking in a basket in the studio!

Life at Blooming Felt has been so darn busy lately that there are rather a lot of things that need doing - stock sitting in boxes waiting to be loaded onto the website, out of stock products that need re-ordering, advertising copy, blog posts, Facebook and Twitter updates, website newsletters, tutorials, getting to grips with the impending VAT issue, blah, blah, blah

So, to make a start on it all I've put our kits onto the website and am telling you about it here ... that's 2 things ticked off my list !!

Our kits make the most perfect stocking fillers for anyone remotely crafty !

All you need is a sharpish needle with a large eye (which funnily enough you can buy here) to complete the project. Available in 4 different colourways and
priced at £7 each, they're an absolute bargain !!

Be quick though because they've been showcased in the latest edition of Sew Hip and are selling ...... fast !!


PS. Don't forget the VAT man wants his cut from 1st November .... stock up before our prices rise (slightly) x

Christmas Kits !!

Just a flying visit to tell you about 3 FAB new craft kits I've just added to the site.

All produced by a fantastic lady who goes by the name of Bagladee - we launched these kits at the Knitting & Stitching Show and they were very popular ! I've got just a few left so have put them on the website.

Choose from a Make your Own Felt Gingerbread Man (he's a very handsome chap !)

Felt Gingerbread House (looks good enough to eat)

and a Felt Christmas Angel (so cute)

All priced at £8.00 each and available here

Be quick - when they're gone ... they're gone


Tincy, wincy, teeny, tiny ....


Look at our fab new range of teeny tiny buttons ? Available in 6 different colourways, with each button measuring 7mm and with 62 buttons per bag, that's a whole lot of teeny tinyness going on !

Also just added to the site are Navy felt sheets - both 10x10 inches and metre squares in our 4mm thick range.

(oh dear - that's a boring picture !!)

Limited numbers of the needle felting animal kits are now back on the site - these make fantastic Christmas presents if you're looking for something a little different.

The felt ball and button necklace kits will also be back on the site within the next week or so (again, these make fab Christmas pressies)

Now, listen up lovely people !!! Sadly, craft is not immune to the VAT man. And he's coming :o( He'll be here from 1st November and once he gets here I'm afraid our prices will be going up. We're going to try and absorb as much of the price increase as possible, but prices on some products will be rising. So, if you're thinking of having a bit of a spend up (particularly as it's half term next week and you might be planning on doing something crafty with your little ones), I would advise you to do it now !

Look forward to seeing you soon !

Ally Pally 2011

Helloooooo !!

Well, we finally made it back from Ally Pally. I have to say, we're totally exhausted - the months of preparation before the show, the setting up, the actual show itself, the coming back and putting the studio back together and now the follow-up and processing of website orders that arrived whilst we were away .... has taken its toll. But it has been well worth it !!

We had the most fantastic time - we met so many of our existing customers, which was really lovely and now hopefully, have lots of lovely new customers as well ! I smiled everytime I heard someone say "Oh, Blooming Felt - I've bought from their website lots of times" and when you overhear conversations of people who say "Blooming Felt - they're in my favourites", and when customers actually take the time to come and say to you how much they love the website and that our customer service is great. I could have cried !! It's so lovely to know that people do appreciate all the hard work, time, care and effort we put into our business.

If you came and saw us at the show ... THANK YOU !!! If we didn't have time to chat to you - I'm so sorry. I'm sure you could appreciate how busy we were throughout the whole show. If you couldn't actually get into our stand because of the amount of people, then again, I apologise. Hopefully you will have been given one of our cards and know that you can shop in comfort in your own home !

I believe I gave one of our cards to one lady in particular. She didn't identify herself, but I understand from another stallholder that she is a very important lady in the retail world. If you are that lady and are reading this - I apologise if I didn't get to speak to you. We'd love it if you could get in touch with us and we can hopefully work together.

I also had a very interesting conversation with another lady who I'm hoping to be in touch with sometime next week. This was a very exciting conversation and I apologise to the lady concerned if I just stood there opening and closing my mouth like a goldfish !!! I was a bit overwhelmed with what was being suggested, but again, would love to speak to you and hopefully work with you in the future !

If you couldn't make it to the Show, I hope you've enjoyed the pictures I've put in this post. We were very proud of the way our stand looked and were thrilled with how good our new perspex display unit looked !! It certainly drew in the crowds !

Thank you once again to everyone for your support - we couldn't do it without you.

Normal website service will resume very soon !!!


Ally Pally Prep

Thank goodness the sun has been shining here. We have spent the last 2 days working solidly - labelling, pricing & packing lots of stock to take to Ally Pally this week.

This is "some" of the stock we'll be taking. The big question now is "will it all fit in the van ?!" Let's hope so otherwise we've had it !!!

Our fantastic new display unit finally arrived last week and after a major panic when it became apparent that the supplier hadn't sent enough connectors to put it all together, we had a dry run and found it's going to take a little bit longer than we anticipated to put it all up ! Good job we did a dry run really - I dread to think what would have happened had we not bothered and then attempted to put it all together at the show, only to find we were missing half of the bits !!

So, tomorrow will be spent finalising all the fine details, picking up the van, sorting out the kids for the next 4 days and briefing hubby on how to be mummy !

I hope some of you can make it to the show - we're on Stand M13 in the Great Hall (just behind the Button Company). You won't miss us .... we're the stand that looks like a sweet shop - jars and jars of felt balls, along with felt purses, felt bags, buttons, ribbons, felting supplies, felt sheets and loads more ! We're likely to be the most colourful stand there !!!

Please don't be fooled by other companies selling similar items - BLOOMING FELT ARE THE ORIGINAL HOME OF THE PICK AND MIX FELT BALL ..... and don't let anyone tell you otherwise !!!

Hope to see you there !!!

Sarah x


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