Lots of lovely labels !

Look what the postman brought me yesterday .... 500 of these lovely, lovely, lovely woven labels ! I am soooooooooo pleased ! Can you tell ??

These will be stitched onto all of my new felt goodies, so that everyone knows exactly where they came from ! I actually bought the labels from this guy on etsy and can't recommend him enough. I haven't found anyone in the UK that could produce the labels to match my logo so perfectly and at £42 for 500 including postage, I think it's a pretty good deal.

Talking of felt goodies - I had a shipment from Nepal earlier this week and whilst I didn't receive everything that I had ordered :o( I did get these

Felt ball samples for a jewellery designer in New York


Pencil cases

Coasters (these designs will also be available as placemats)

All of the above will be available for sale through my website very soon. The remainder of the items are due in next week so I'll post piccies as soon as they get here.

Tomorrow, Paul and I are off to Long Melford for a child-free weekend - a belated Christmas present to ourselves !

Enjoy your weekend whatever you get up to.

Sarah x


Andrea said...

Wow, the labels are really stunning!
Have a lovely week-end, soooo jealous, I would love to be whisked away for a wonderful relaxing few days, hope that the weather is good to you, however I am sure that you will still have a good time!

Tip Top said...

Oh, the labels are great! Love the keyrings too! And have a good weekend!

saraeden said...

Love the labels !!
Have a wonderful weekend Sarah x

Sara x

incywincy said...

Oh wow... enjoy your weekend away. x
I'm loving all those new goodies! and the labels are FAB.


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