I've had my fair share


First off, thank you to all of you lovely people that sent me your good wishes on my last post - I really appreciate them and sincerely apologise for not emailing each of you individually to say thanks.
Well, they say things come in 3's and I think I've had 4 because following on from my last post, some kind soul decided to hit my car in Sainsbury's carpark and then very kindly drove off without leaving any details whatsoever. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH you coward !

Right, now that's off my chest I've decided that life's too short to keep moaning (and I am very aware of the fact that my last few posts do seem to have been very moany posts - so I am extremely sorry) - it won't happen again !

I'm still waiting for my Nepalise order to arrive but have been assured that it will be with me by Monday, so at last I'll have something interesting and exciting to show you !! Thanks for hanging in there guys - I really appreciate it.

Yesterday the sun finally shone - HOORAY !!! And I managed to take some photos of my felt stash

These photos are going on my new website and will be offered as colour choices for the new "Create your own Loopy Corsage" option that I've decided to offer. Yes - for the princely sum of £8 (including postage), you will be able to create your own loopy corsage from whatever colours you like and each corsage will be finished off with a colour co-ordinated hand painted ceramic button. Nice idea?

Talking of my "new" website, I think I might have inadvertantly mislead some of you. Once the new site goes live, it will look exactly the same as my current site (with a few very minor differences), but will have lots and lots more lovely goodies available to purchase. I didn't want to go making announcements about my new site and to have you all disappointed when you look at the site and see that it seems to look exactly the same. I have to admit I do love the look of my website, which is why I didn't want to change it, but it will be sooooooo much better goodies-wise and if you can't find something you want to buy on there, I shall want to know why ??!!!

I shall leave you with this amusing picture of my gorgeous daughter who "wants to look clever like Mummy" !! Clever or simple .... you decide !!

Enjoy the rest of your week !


Shirl said...

I can't believe your luck right now. Hang on in there girl. Chinese New Year soon, I'm sure your luck will change then!

Tip Top said...

Things can only get better! Love the felt colours!!

saraeden said...

Sorry to hear your having a
bad month Sarah , its a bit of a nightmare here too what with a broken sewing machine and a possible two hundred pounds bill for the truck to get its brakes fixed .... argh !!
Lets hope February is a better month ;0)

Sara x


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