Post Christmas Blues

Oh dear - after having a lovely Christmas and New Year the horrible bugs and colds that are working their way around the country have landed in our house. Sam's first day back at school was on Tuesday and today (Thursday) he is off sick with a flu bug. Fortunately the sickness bug that has been doing the rounds at his school hasn't got to us and I'm keeping everything crossed that it doesn't.
So today I have 2 little monkeys at home with me, which isn't really helping me to get my new Felt venture off the ground. Grace had Tumble Tots this morning which she absolutely loves, but we had to take Sam with us as well, and the poor little thing just sat there in the corner looking all sorry for himself. He really is ill because he didn't even want to play his hand-held computer game that Father Christmas bought him !

I haven't managed to get any crafting at all done lately because I've had a bit of a splurge and splashed out on a new website which is taking me forever to load up. Once it's up and running, it will look exactly the same as the current site (which is still live and you are still able to purchase from), and will work virtually the same but will be more user-friendly from a payment point of view. It's also much easier for me to keep up to date and for stock control purposes - so hopefully everyone's a winner !!

Sadly my latest shipment from Nepal hasn't arrived so I can't show you any sneaky peeks, but I promise to post some pics on here once it does arrive.
BTW - I've managed to update the header on this blog to "Blooming Felt" and also my user name, so if any of you lovely readers are kind enough to have me on your blog lists, you might want to update me to "Blooming Felt" instead of "Picture it in Stitches". Thank you !!

Enjoy the rest of your week and I hope the bugs don't get to you !!

Sarah x


Anonymous said...

Eeeekkk! Hope he feels better soon and you are able to get some work done!

Sam Gillespie said...

Oh no Sarah! Hope your better soon. We had the bug up here last week. Don't let it get you down. x x

Annie said...

Get well soon!


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