Weekends away and birthdays

Hellooooooo !!

Well, we had a really lovely weekend away - lots of lovely antique browsing and shopping, cream teas in front of roaring log fires, wandering along and admiring beautiful tudor houses in Lavenham, eating lots of lovely food in the fantastic restaurant that we stayed in etc etc. A truly relaxing weekend.

This is a picture of the Crooked House in Lavenham - it's not actually a house anymore but a gallery, but what a fantastic building - all crooked like that !!

And today was my birthday ! So I awoke to be presented with a brilliant ipod nano from my 2 cheeky monkees and yet another weekend away with hubby... this time in ROME !!!! Wey heyyyyyyyy - how lucky am I ??

So to my wonderful husband, 2 cheeky monkees, the rest of my family (including my lovely in-laws), and friends ..... THANK YOU ALL !!!!!

Sarah xx


Tip Top said...

Happy Birthday!!

saraeden said...

Happy Birthday Sarah !!

Sara x

paper-and-string said...

Happy Birthday !!
wow a trip to Rome is a great gift, you lucky thing :-)
enjoy your day xxxxx

Shirl said...

Lucky, Lucky you! .... :0)


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