There's a hole in the roof ....

... and the rain's coming in !!!

What a nightmare - we've got buckets lined up catching it all because the roof guy can't come until tomorrow - arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

That's it for today I'm afraid - the buckets need emptying !

Sarah x


Anonymous said...

Sorry you are having such problems with your roof. The weather here is absolutely awful - when I was out earlier the wind was so strong it kept pushing the steering on the car, not fun at all. Hope the roof gets fixed very soon.

Pink Stitches said...

Oh no!!
If the weather outside my window is the same where you are it's not at all fun!
So dark and miserable :(
Hoping it stops raining for you!

Shirl said...

Sorry to read about your roof; a nice sunny day today, great for fixing roofs, so I hope your roof man pitched up and fixed all that had to be fixed today ... :0)

saraeden said...

Hi Sarah i hope your roof is all fixed !
I will email you soon for a chat !!

Sara x

Sam Gillespie said...

Oh no! Hope it's all sorted now Sarah? (hugs)


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