There's a hole in the roof ....

... and the rain's coming in !!!

What a nightmare - we've got buckets lined up catching it all because the roof guy can't come until tomorrow - arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

That's it for today I'm afraid - the buckets need emptying !

Sarah x


Clare said...

Sorry you are having such problems with your roof. The weather here is absolutely awful - when I was out earlier the wind was so strong it kept pushing the steering on the car, not fun at all. Hope the roof gets fixed very soon.

Crafty B said...

Oh no!!
If the weather outside my window is the same where you are it's not at all fun!
So dark and miserable :(
Hoping it stops raining for you!

Shirl said...

Sorry to read about your roof; a nice sunny day today, great for fixing roofs, so I hope your roof man pitched up and fixed all that had to be fixed today ... :0)

saraeden said...

Hi Sarah i hope your roof is all fixed !
I will email you soon for a chat !!

Sara x

incywincy said...

Oh no! Hope it's all sorted now Sarah? (hugs)


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