Moo !!!

They came !!!
My first purchase of 2008 was some of the wonderful little cards known as "Moo" cards and they arrived yesterday.

I'm sooooo pleased with them, even though a couple of my photos are a little dark, the cards still look pretty darn good ... even if I do say so myself !

Last night I also bought 500 custom woven labels from Etsy. Fingers crossed they too will look fantastic when they arrive - I always worry about buying stuff "blind" from the internet, but fortunately most of the stuff arrives looking absolutely gorgeous.

I also placed an order for some gorgeous green and pink felt with paper-and-string. It seems silly I know, there's me with a website selling loads of felt items and I go buying sheets of felt from elsewhere !! Mind you, in amongst my latest shipment from Nepal should be something rather exciting of the felt sheets variety - I don't want to tell you too much about it just yet (in case it turns out to be not quite what I was expecting ... see, it's that buying "blind" effect again !!), but if it is what I was expecting, be sure to check out my next blog post and also my website.

I've been busy, busy, busy redesigning and re-ordering my website. I think the structure is pretty much there now and I just need to load lots of lovely new goodies onto the site. I'm awaiting a delivery of my latest designs from Nepal and have been told it will be with me before the 10th January, so that is yet another thing that I am very excited about.

Because I haven't got any pictures of new felt goodies to show you, (I've been trying to restock my shop and also my NOTHS store with my standard stock) I thought I would show you a couple of the lovely books I received at Christmas. Both are extremely interesting reads and I can highly recommend them.

While I think about it, I am considering doing the Country Living Christmas Fair in December and would love to hear from anyone who has exhibited at one of the Chrismas Fair's in the past. Samantha at Plump Pudding did the Spring Fair last year and very kindly gave me the low-down on it all, but I would be interested to hear your comments about the Christmas Fair.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend !

Sarah x


paper-and-string said...

Hi :-)
your moo's are fab !! I ordered some more too but mine aren't here yet *sob* I am intrigued to see your new felt...and i looked at your new look website and it looks great already!!
am slightly worried that I havent got the order you mentioned...did you email it???
sarah xxx

Andrea said...

I adore your cards!! I have sent you a seperate email about them actually!! Why are they called Moo cards?
Andrea x

Craftybernie said...

I love your Moo cards! I'm so glad I've found somebody who's done this as I've been dying to try them out (or at least use my own photos for stationery). You seem very pleased and I must say that, dark or not, the images look really great (especially the painted ceramic buttons - my fav!)


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