Not a lot to report

Sadly this is another really BORING post !! After I posted last week about the rain coming through the roof, things unfortunately went from bad to worse.

  • The rain is still coming through the roof despite us covering it with tarpauline, so this leads us to think it's the flashing rather than the roof felt that needs repairing.
  • We've all had flu virtually all week
  • Our Jeep has developed a horrible shaking / judder when you turn the steering wheel on full lock so I took it to the dealers who looked at it, fiddled about with it for the morning and told me it was repaired only to have me drive it off the forecourt and have the exact same thing happen again less than half a mile away !! So back I went, ranted and raved a bit and told them it wasn't fixed and wouldn't you just know it, the stoooopid car wouldn't do it for them !! So I had to hope they were right and that I was just a silly woman driver who didn't know how to drive a car properly. Fortunately for me, it would appear that I'm not a silly woman driver as the same problem happened to Paul this morning, so now I have to take it back again on Monday and hope they can sort it out. And to add insult to injury, one of the back wheels on our Focus has completely seized up resulting in the car not being able to move, and us ripping a huge great big gauge out of our drive in our efforts to try and release the stuck wheel (with no luck!).
On the upside though, my new website is virtually finished and should go live next week. But of course I am STILL waiting for my shipment from Nepal so don't want to publish the site until it has got all of the new goodies on it. And the felt balls that I've started selling are extremely popular - I've had 3 orders for large quantities of balls this week alone, along with an enquiry for a very large order from a jewellery designer in New York. Hopefully she'll like the samples I'm going to send her, and will place a lovely big order.
I hope you've all had a better week than me.

Sarah x


French Knots said...

Doesn't it always all happen at once!
Good news about the orders though, at least your business is having a good month. :)

Tip Top said...

Hope it gets better for you! And can't wait to see the new website!!

Andrea said...

Oh my goodess, not a good start to the New Year for you is it?! Well done for getting more business, and good luck for today with the car!
Andrea x

Samantha said...

You poor thing - things get better with you!


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