Happy Monday

What a beautiful warm day it has been here in Essex today I just love this time of year when the sun shines, the blossom is on the trees and the evenings are starting to stretch out. We've been out in the garden all day today - cutting down a grape vine this morning and then Sam had one of this friends over to play this afternoon as it's half term. They had great fun riding their bikes and digging numerous holes in the borders. I read an article in the paper at the weekend that children are more likely to need treatment for repetitive strain injury due to constant use of games consoles and PCs than to need treatment for falling out of trees because they're just not being allowed or given the chance to do all the things that we used to do as children - so we made sure that trees were climbed this afternoon and boy did they have fun !

I've spent the last few evenings finishing some of the needle felting projects I started recently. These are the finished articles

All of these will be for sale through my website. The hair bobbles willl be £3.00 per pair, as will the strawberry hair clips. The pink flower ponytail holder (2nd photo from the bottom) will be for sale for £3.50 (the size of this would probably suit an older child/adult), and the large brown brooch/corsage (last photo) for £4.50 - all prices INCLUDE postage to the UK. If you would like any of these items, or would like to commission your own pieces, do please let me know. I love working on commissions !!

I have almost finished the cot mobile as well, which I have to say I am particularly proud of - so, as soon as it is finished (I just need to find an embroidery hoop to hang it from), I will be posting a few pics here.

And now it's time to find out whether Tracy is found guilty of murdering Charlie - Corrie here I come !!


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