What a Nightmare !

Well, from having a good start to the Bank Holiday weekend on Friday and Saturday, things have rapidly gone downhill !!

Yesterday, we had my family coming for lunch (as England were playing Australia in the World Cup Cricket and my family love to watch England playing cricket!). So, I had said that I would do a roast turkey with all the trimmings. I turned the oven on at 10.15am to pre-heat it and after 15 minutes put the turkey in. Hmmm, I thought - not particularly a warm oven, but I'll just put the turkey in anyway. 45 minutes later I went into the kitchen and thought to myself "no nice smell of turkey cooking", so I opened up the oven - no hot air - took the foil off the turkey - still smothered in unmelted butter !!! OMG I thought, the oven isn't working !! I checked the top oven and that seemed to be heating up ok, so I shoved the turkey in that instead and then phoned my Mum to tell her what had happened and asked what I should do because there was no room in the top oven to do the roasties and sausages and stuffing and stuff. She offered to do the roast potatoes for me and bring them over and we could just stick them in the top oven to warm up once the turkey was cooked and resting. Good old Mum, major roast dinner disaster averted !!

Today, we decided to take the children out on the bikes for the afternoon. We have a lovely farm track opposite where we live which leads down to the farm, fields and public footpaths. Off we went in the beautiful sunshine - once we got to the public footpath it became difficult for Sam to peddle his bike (because of the stabilisers), so I had to push his bike and my own while Paul pushed his bike with Grace on the back. Soon we came to a stile over a little stream, so after a bit of dithering we decided to lift the bikes over - all ok so far. We went through a lovely wood (still pushing all the bikes) and came out onto the small country lane at the top (which has no footpaths but lots of traffic on their way to the sale at the garden centre !!) Turn round, go back down the public footpath and take a diversion (Paul's great idea !!) across a field - by this time Paul has got Sam's bike slung across his crossbar. Eventually we got back onto the original farm track, stopped for a bit of a rest and could hear a hissing sound. It was Paul's back tyre slowing deflating. Never mind - we're only HALF A MILE from home - we'll just push it and carry on walking. WRONG !! The tyre then came off the bike. So then we have to get Grace out of the bike seat and try to get her to walk because everyone else is pushing their bikes (well actually, Paul is by now carrying his bike). Grace decides she's too tired and just lays down in the middle of the track ! So I have to dump my bike, pick her up and carry her (much screaming and thrashing about of arms and legs then ensued) all the way home and Paul had to go back for my bike later. What a lovely afternoon we had :-)

I'll update my blog, I thought to myself, that's relaxing. But of course, in my widsom I thought that it might actually be quite nice to get a custom blog template sorted out. I found a lovely free one I liked, uploaded it to my blog and it didn't work. So I deleted it and tried to reinstall the original blog template. It didn't work - I ended up with the most bizarre looking blog (so sorry if you were attempting to read my blog at this time). Finally, I've managed to get my original blog template back - well, I think it's the original one - it looks pretty similar anyhow.

So, hopefully that's my 3 disasters out of the way now. Well, it had better be - I can't cope with anymore !!

Back on to nice things now - I sold another one of my felt brooches through ebay this afternoon - hooray - they seem to be popular. I need to start restocking as I'm hoping that they'll be popular at the craft fair. Talking of craft fairs, one of my friends did the Jimmy's Farm Easter craft fair yesterday. She said it was quite slow in the morning, but picked up in the afternoon and she did well, although a number of other stallholders didn't do quite so well. I'm really hoping that her good fortune will rub off onto me and I will do well, especially as it's my first fair. Below is a picture of her beautiful stand. I really hope that I can get my stand to look as lovely as this.

If you would like to buy any of her bits and bobs, her website is
www.sommerwood.co.uk. She has an amazing range and is a very talented lady. It's definitely worth a look.

I've been very busy revamping my website - do please take a look and let me know what you think
www.pictureitinstitches.co.uk . I'm hoping that it's more crafty looking and also more welcoming. Whilst I was happy with the previous design, I did feel it was a bit "utility" looking, so have been playing about and came up with the latest design.

Of course, all this website design means I've been a bit lazy with my crafting lately so don't have any pictures of my own to show you today. BUT, I found this beautiful needle felted duck on the internet the other day and really hope that with a bit of practice, I can get to do something as beautiful as this :-)

Enjoy the sunshine and the rest of the Easter holidays x

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