I think that's it !!

Well, I think that's it ! I have been manically packing suitcases (and having little people unpack them) for the last few days. What isn't in there now, there isn't room for anyway and it's too late !! I'm NOT repacking :-)

As you've probably gathered, we're off on our hols for a couple of weeks - whilst I can't wait for the actual holiday itself, the thought of 10 hours on a plane with an 18 month old ... well, it just doesn't bear thinking about actually ! Fortunately we've got my parents with us, and as my daughter is just slightly obsessed with my Mum, I think she'll get stuck with her for the entire flight ! Of course, all the security issues that we are all sadly faced with now if you want to fly are a real pain. You can only take so much liquid with you and only in 100ml clear bottles, which must be in a resealable clear plastic bag, which is only allowed to be a certain size etc etc. How on earth anyone who is flying on their own with a couple of small children that still have a certain amount of fresh milk every day manage, I'll never know. I think I shall have to keep my temper in check tomorrow, all those long long long security queues, questions about everything under the sun, being asked to drink my daughter's milk to prove it doesn't have any explosives in it - just think calm thoughts and about how sunny and hot it will be the other end and how excited the children will be when they get to meet Mickey Mouse !

So, of course, all this packing has meant that I haven't had a whole heap of time to get on and sew. I'm very aware of the fact that I haven't posted any pics of my own work lately so thought I would show you the almost finished baby mobile. It just needs a few beads at the bottom of each string and a nicely painted embroidery hoop to hang it from and it will be finished. I'm planning on taking this to the craft fair with me and will try and get another one done that is more suitable for little boys - maybe on a transport theme.

The sun has been shining forever here and the blossom is now out on most of the trees in our garden . We're waiting to see what the blossom will be like on the ancient Mulberry tree in our garden - as we've only been here since last June, we have yet to see the garden all year round, so it's really lovely to wander around and see what beautiful plants and bulbs are coming up. This week I came across this rather large clump of what look like snowdrops, except they are very tall and have flowers twice the size of a normal snowdrop. I must look them up in my gardening book.

And now I must dash - so many more things to get done before tomorrow. I shall leave you in peace for a couple of weeks, but be warned, once I get back I shall be boring you to death with pics of the holiday and hopefully lots of lovely pictures of all my crafty purchases.

Until the 29th .... byeeee x

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