I'm Back !!

Hi everyone !

Well, we made it back from Florida and boy did we have a good time !!

We visited every Disney Park, including the 2 water parks and also both Universal Parks. Unfortunately we ran out of time to visit Sea World, but we have done that one before and I don't think our little lady would have been able to sit still for long enough to watch all of the shows there anyway. Sam ad Grace were so excited to meet Mickey and Minnie (or Mimi as Grace insists on calling her). Sam was over the moon at meeting Spiderman and Buzz Lightyear, so I think Florida is definitely a hit with the children (as if it wouldn't be !!)

Unfortunately Grace got a reaction to the measles jab she had a few weeks before we went away so suffered with a temperature and a nasty rash for a few days, but she still had a good time.

To top it all I ate far too much food and spent far too much money !!

Why is it that everything is so much cheaper in the US. And I mean everything !! My dear hubby bought me an ipod shuffle and it was half the price it is in the UK. Also Crocs shoes - half the price again. I bought some for our 4 year old son and he is absolutely chuffed to bits.

And as for the crafty bits ... I visited a fantastic shop called Michael's. It has to be the biggest craft shop I've ever seen and I was like a kid in a sweet shop.

I managed to fill my basket in the first aisle, so decided it was better to exchange the basket for a shopping trolley. I bought brooch pins - a pack of 60 mixed sizes for around £3.00. Now, I pay anywhere between 10p and 50p (depending on size) here, so that was a bargain !

Also, buttons, ribbons, scrapbooking card (to make up some packaging for my felted items), gift packaging (as I'm going to offer this as an option on my website), fabric, craft books, gift tags and embellishments, beading elastic, beads etc etc etc .

I've only posted a few pics because it would take me forever to show you everything I bought. Needless to say it was a very productive craft shopping trip and I've got Mum on standby to buy replacements of everything when she visits again in June. I'm hoping that the craft fairs will be busy and that I'll need to buy extras !

I had an email from a lovely lady at Crafts Beautiful magazine whilst I was way asking if I would like to run an advert alongside a needle-felting article they are running in their July issue. Unfortunately the cost is quite high, but I have asked a good friend (and fellow blogger) if she would be interested in doing a split advert with me - so watch this space !

I have done the monthly draw today - and am just waiting for the winner to contact me with their full contact details. Once I have these, I will put her name here in the blog for anyone who's interested.

Right - that's it for now. I have to add to my stock pile (pic below) and get stitching with the hair elastics, keyrings and brooch pins !!

Bye for now xx

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paper-and-string said...

Oh I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!! Look at all the lovely stash...The buttons look gorgeous and the felt and the elastic and and and ALL of it!!! No wonder you spent WAY too much money !!!
Glad you are back :-) xxx


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