Happy, Happy, Happy

Yesterday I sold one of my lovely felt brooches on ebay. I was extremely excited because this was my first Picture it in Stitches ebay sale - and hopefully the start of many. AND, I've just had a phone call from a little tea shop on The Green in Writtle, and was told that they'd just sold one of my pictures, so now I'm REALLY excited (and happy of course) !!!!

I've been fiddling about with Google Picasa which a friend very kindly told me about - it takes a bit of getting used to, but I think I'm slowly getting there. It doesn't help that I'm now using my new laptop which uses Windows Vista rather than XP, so I am trying to get to grips with that as well !! It really does make a difference if you're not using a PC on a "professional" day to day basis. I bet if I was still working in the City I wouldn't have any trouble at all, but after having two children, I seem to have lost half of my brain as well so am seriously struggling with all things PC related at the mo ! Anyhow, if you would like to see the fruits of my Picasa labour, you can click on the 2 collages to the right - My Latest Felt Projects and My Textile Pictures. All of the images you see there are for sale, so if you're interested, do please email me at
mail@pictureitinstitches(dot)co(dot)uk or vist my website www.pictureitinstitches.co.uk

I am frantically felting every evening at the moment as we're off on our hols in a week or so and when we get back there will be exactly 1 month until the Jimmy's Farm craft fair, so I'm desperately trying to get stock levels up so that I will have plenty to fill my little table.

We're holding an Easter Egg Hunt for some of Sam & Grace's little friends on Friday - I'm manically trying to organise that, as well as lunch for everyone - there will be rather a lot of us. Honestly - it seemed like a good idea at the time (except I forgot we were going away soon after and would have 101 other things to try and remember/organise !)

I haven't got any pictures of my own to show you today (apart from my collages on the right), but I thought I would show you a cool picture of an Easter Egg tree which, if I had been more organised, would have done as a table decoration for the Easter Egg Hunt. Oh well, there's always next year


If I don't speak to you before - HAPPY EASTER !!! xx

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