Happy Easter !

Ok - so I know I'm a day early, but I probably won't get a chance to do a post tomorrow, so whilst Gracie is asleep and Sam is bouncing away to his heart's content on the trampoline, I thought I'd do a quick post :-)

The Easter Egg Hunt went brilliantly yesterday - everyone had a good time and the weather was absolutely gorgeous so we were in the garden all day and even managed to eat our lunch on the patio.

Today I spent the morning in the hairdressers, followed by lunch at good old Pizza Hut and I then shot over to the tea shop in Writtle (they stock my pictures), to collect my earnings from last week and show them some of my new range of felt accessories. They thought they were great and said that I should go along to see them after my holiday to discuss which pieces they would like and whether they would sell them on a commission basis or whether they would buy wholesale from me and then retail them themselves. Fingers crossed for more sales there then !!

Below are a couple of felt keyrings I finished last night - I'll be doing a whole range of colours in these particular designs, as well as a few other styles. They are for sale on my website priced at £4.00 each INCLUDING POSTAGE to the UK.

I wanted to show this fantastic Easter Egg tree I splashed out on today. I just couldn't help myself I'm afraid !! Too late for our Hunt yesterday (there are lots more years to come though), but I thought I could use it at the craft fairs to hang my bits and bobs from ... I know, I know, I was supposed to be doing the twig tree, but I was looking at it yesterday and decided a. that it's too big and b. that it's not twiggy enough, hence this lovely purchase. I think it will look very striking though (especially as it's in my favourite colour combination of pink and lime green!) and hopefully people will be drawn to it (and my lovely crafts of course !!)

Right, that's it I'm afraid. Have a lovely day tomorrow - don't eat too much chocolate (yeah, right!)

Catch you next week when I shall probably only get to post once or twice because we're off on holiday on Saturday - YIPPEE - Florida here we come !!!!


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