It's Booked

No sign of my button supplies yet, so I decided it was time to do something about the needle felting workshop I have been thinking about organising.

After trying to book various venues, it became apparent that Joe Jingles, Yoga, Photography & Council Meetings take priority over little old me. Unable to book either of my first 2 choices of venue, I had to settle on a much smaller hall, well, room really. But worry not - the lady from the Parish Council was very kind and encouraging and has offered not to take a deposit from me for another 2 weeks, until I've had time to see if anyone actually wants to learn how to needle felt !

So I put together the flier below (apologies for the poor quality photo - my scanner has packed up ... again) and it has been posted on all of the Parish Noticeboards in the village where I'm holding the event, as well as surrounding villages. In the local Craft Centre, at Sainsburys, Tescos, in the village library, the village hall and I'll also have it displayed at the craft fair I'm doing on Saturday. Fingers crossed I'll get a few takers.

Hopefully the button supplies will arrive tomorrow and I can get some sets made up for the craft fair on Saturday.

Sarah x

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