Everything in the garden's looking rosy !!

Yes - everything in the garden is indeed looking rosy (I think that's the phrase??)

These are the roses on the arbour that leads from the pool to the pumphouse and the garages. Don't they look beautiful - and they smell absolutely gorgeous as well. They're really lovely old english roses and seem to get better and better every year (well, the last 2 years that we've been here anyway !)

Today, my button supplies finally arrived from the US. They had unfortunately got held up by customs and I had to pay a whopping £14.95 in charges. But they are fab and I can't wait to list them on the website and to start covering them myself. All being well, they'll be on the website tomorrow evening (or Wednesday at the latest).

I've also had some lovely fabric arrive from the US

As well as these - bracelets which I've yet to decide what to do with, and also earrings. Me thinks felt balls will be making an appearance.

I did my monthly craft fair on Saturday - very sloooooooow on the customer and sales front, but very positive on the needle felting workshop and also on a local village fete, which I have been struggling to get a table at due to 2 other local "felty people" already beating me to it.

One of the felty ladies came and introduced herself at the craft fair and was very complimentary about my goodies and said she would speak to the organisers of the fete and recommend that I had a table. The other person, I think I know, but their stuff is completely different to mine, both in style and price, so not really competition.
Another lady then came and introduced herself and asked whether I would be at the fete, I explained that sadly I was unable to secure a pitch, and she said that she had been told about me, which was why she was at the craft fair, and that her hubby was on the fete planning committee so she would try to get me a pitch. It's quite a prestigious event (in a very affluent area) and the craft tent has nearly 40 stands. She was also keen on attending my workshop as she teaches special needs children and was hoping to be able to go back to the school and pass on her newly acquired skills to the pupils.

So today, I first of all get a phonecall from one of the organisers of the village fete saying that they can now offer me a pitch - YAY !! And I then get a phonecall from the 2nd lady that I mentioned above, who booked 2 places on my needlefelting workshop !!

AND .... my Mum has just called from the US and says that my new range of needle felting kits have just been delivered to her, and she'll be bringing them back to the UK in 2 weeks !! I am VERY excited.

Hooray - so not only has today been a lovely day weatherwise, it has also been great on the business front !

I'm a happy bunny !!

Sarah x

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