Lazy Days and Giveaways !!

What a lovely day I've had !!
This morning was spent sitting in the hairdressers being pampered, followed by a little bit of retail therapy (well, buying Sam new school shorts & trousers from M&S in their "Back to School" promotion - I wouldn't mind, but he hasn't even broken up for the holidays yet !!).
This afternoon I sat here
and watched this
whilst doing this !!

Ahhhhh - bliss :o)

Now, back to business - Monday sees me teaching my first needle felting workshop. I've had a last minute flurry of people registering so am now panicking that the room I've hired isn't actually going to be big enough. But never mind, at least we'll all get to know one another !

To celebrate the fact that people do actually want to learn how to needle felt (and to also show off my new line in fabric coveredness (??) ), I've decided to have a little freebie giveaway.

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post sometime this week and all of the comments will be put into a random number generator next Sunday and a winner will be picked.

And the prize ??

A pair of fabric covered strawberry button earrings. These earrings have been made by me (of course) and measure 24mm in diameter. The posts and butterflies are silver-plated and have been attached with a very strong glue, so there's no danger of you using losing these lovelies !!

Apologies for the fuzzy photos - that's what you get when you buy a £200 camera !! Buy cheap I say - they're so much better !!

And now I must go and prepare for Monday's workshop and pack up the rather large number of orders that have appeared through my website today.

I won't be posting on this blog again until next Sunday because I've got a very busy weekend next week - 2 fairs - so the pressure is on to produce lots more pairs of earrings !!

Enjoy your week and I'll look forward to seeing your comments.

Sarah x


French Knots said...

Goodness you've had better weather than us today! It's been more like November then flaming June!

Mistress Meeyee said...

I love the earrings!! Yeah, it is hot down south but not nearly what our normal summers are!

Lindsey said...

Cute earrings!!!!
Wow what fab weather as well. We've had to tie down the marquee for OH's party and pray it doesn't take off - it's so windy.

cpullum said...

Wow cute!!! would love to win!! looking at your pool looks good it's 106 right now here!!

Swirlyarts said...

Those earrings are fabulous - they would go perfectly with my cherry dress!! Hope the needle felting course went well?

Tip Top said...

Ahhh, looks very lovely!! The only water we have up here is rain......!!!

saraeden said...

Hope it all went well at your first workshop ??

Sara x

Oh forgot to say love the pool and the earrings !!


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