When will it stop ....

RAINING !!!!! I'm sick & tired of this horrible wet weather.

And it all started off so well. The sun was shining this morning and it was lovely and warm. I managed to hang a whole load of washing out on the line before we headed out to the Suffolk Show. With it being half-term, Paul took today off work so that we could have a nice family outing.

Now it takes, on average, 40 minutes from our house to the A14 junction of the A12. After 90 minutes we finally reached that junction due to a horrendous traffic jam, only to find that the junction with the A14 was CLOSED because a stoooopid lorry had overturned on the roundabout.

So we had to turn around and come back !!! And when you've got 2 small children, one of whom is potty training at the moment, sitting in the back of the car constantly asking "are we nearly there yet", it's all you can do to stop yourself from screaming very loudly.

The sun had disappeared, but it was still reasonably warm, although overcast. After a quick wee stop (on the potty in the boot (that was Grace, not me!)) we came all the way back home and went to the local country park / farm, which was heaving with people. We managed to stay there for 2 hours (including lunch) before the heavens opened. And it hasn't stopped since. My washing, which was probably dry went we went sailing past our house on the way to the farm, is still hanging on the line, wetter than when I got it out of the washing machine this morning. The carpet in the porch is absolutely soaking because the rain is coming in under the door and has resulted in the carpet actually bubbling up and is now stopping the door from opening properly. And I'm hoping that the ceiling in the bay doesn't start leaking again, even though we replaced the flat roof, there's still a leak ! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

OK - moan and rant over - sorry.

Yesterday I covered the remainder of the buttons that I received earlier in the week and am now waiting to mug Mr Postie every day, in the hope that he's bringing me the other supplies I ordered. As soon as they get here, I'll be putting them on the website.

These spotty buttons are covered in some of the fabric from one of the dresses that I purchased at the boot fair last weekend - they look better in real life !!

In the meantime, I've listed a couple of sets of buttons on etsy, so if anyone fancies buying any and cheering me up - feel free !!!

Sarah x


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Glad it's not just me. I spent over an hour travelling less than a mile. As it was sunny here we decided to go the Twycross Zoo - journey time normally 20-30mins. It took us 2 hours!! A lorryload of bales had set on fire on the opposite carriageway but caused a jam on the M42. It was hot and Evie was whining that it'd be shut when we got there. We made it in the end and had 1.5 hours to go round in. Rolle on Monday!!! :0)

Marian said...

Oh the kitty ones!!!!

Craftybernie said...

The buttons are so pretty!


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