They came !!!!

YES !!!!!! Finally, my new needle felting kits came. I am soooooooooo excited about these kits. They are absolutely fantastic and even better in real life than I was expecting. And even more exciting is the fact that I am the only UK stockist of these kits !!

They're all priced at either £9 or £10 - actually, I think it's just the Hummingbird kit that is £10. You get everything you need in the cute little box, including full colour photographic instructions. The only thing you don't get is a felting sponge, but you can quite easily pop one of these in your shopping cart at the same time when you're purchasing your kit ! Each kit is graded easy or intermediate, but with the fantastic instructions, you won't have any trouble creating the animals whether you've needle felted before or not.

Also, my other fabric arrived and this is fantastic too !!

So far I've made up just a few buttons, all of which are available for sale on the website.

I am manically removing the shanks off some of the blank buttons so that I can make up some other lovelies for you - make sure you check back next time for a chance to win one of my new creations !

1 comment:

Marian said...

Imlove the buttons, the fabrics and those needle felting kits are awesome!!! im more of a wet-felter, but this kits are very inviting!


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