Sleepless nights and fancy fabric

Sadly the time has come for my baby to grow up and go into a big bed !! Great excitement (on Gracie's part) and sadness on mine, that the cot that has been slept in by both of my babies is now surplus to requirements.

The big bed arrived, a gorgeous white bed with a lovely heart shape on the head and footboards. The new duvet set was purchased, a beautiful white set, embroidered with a lovely fairy watering her plants from a spotty teapot !!

7pm arrived, Gracie snuggled down into her bed with her blankie and said how excited she was.

7.15pm, Gracie is out of the bed saying she doesn't like it and wants to get into our bed !

7.30pm she's back in bed

7.35pm she's screaming the place down

7.45pm she's back in bed

7.50pm she's down in the lounge asking me (very matter of factly) what we're having for our tea !

7.55pm she's being chased up the stairs by Daddy
8pm, she's screaming the place down again

8.10pm she's back downstairs with a very quick turnaround time and back on her way upstairs.

8.15pm daddy checks on her, only to find the bed empty and Sam's bed containing 2 bodies.

8.30pm - silence.


1.15am - our bedroom door flies open and a little voice shouts "I need a wee".

1.20am - refusing to get back into bed

1.25am - a very tired Mummy climbs into Gracie's bed along with Gracie

1.30am - Gracie attempts to have a conversation with me.

1.45am - Gracie is out of bed

1.50am - Gracie announces she needs a drink

2am - Gracie attempts to have another conversation with me

2.15am - Gracie's jumping up and down on the bed

2.30am - Gracie's jumping up and down on my HEAD

2.45am - Gracie's on the potty .... again

3am - Gracie loses blankie and all hell breaks loose

3.15am - Mummy is in tears

3.30am - Gracie is singing nursery rhymes

3.45am - the birds start singing, but Gracie has FINALLY fallen asleep.

Maybe the cot isn't surplus to requirements just yet !!

Mr Postman bought me this fantastic Japanese fabric today

and I'm hoping that soon he will bring me the gorgous fabric I purchased from Dawanda a couple of evenings ago. If you haven't purchased anything from Dawanda yet, you really should give it a go. Especially as lots of the sellers are taking part in an 11% off promotion whilst Euro 2008 football matches are taking place. Basically, as soon as the game has kicked off, the participating sellers have their items reduced automatically by 11% for the duration of the game. Now, how can you turn an offer like that down ?!

Enjoy your weekend !


French Knots said...

I kept my son in a cot till he was 3 1/2! Mainly because it never occured to him to try and climb out and it made for a quiet life!
Hope Gracie decides she likes sleeping in her bed!

Marian said...

the big bed is coming for my boy too... and I am scared. Very scared. He hasnt sleept the whole night long ever... not even when he was a baby. For the paost two years ive been waking up at 3am every night..and then at 6am..UP!!!
Motherhood, whata joy! hahahahaa

I found a coupld of really cool stuff on Dawanda too (well, Im a seller there). The 11% off thing is really cool. Gotta hurry though, cos I think the European football cup is over next week!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

My kiddie climbed out of her cot and refused to go back in it so bed followed quite quickly. We had no problems then, it's now (aged 81/2) that she won't stay put. She doesn't visit us she just doesn't like going to bed cuz she never seems to be tired!
Lovely fabric. Must check out when the next match is on...

scj said...

Oh what a night! It has to get better! I've had four daughters (now all grown up) and those nights are killers. I hope tonight is much better. What a lovely bed set and gorgeous fabric from Japan.
I've popped in a couple of times before to look at your blog but haven't commented. Thanks for all you share.


Tip Top said...

Oh-oh!! Not good! My eldest (almost 5) was never any problems - he was in a big bed at 22 months as the other one was on his way! The youngest (almost 3) is in his cot still with no sides and he's fine - just stands at the doorway shouting us in a morning!

I do sympathise as for the last 3 weeks I now realise there are 2 5 o'clocks in a day. However, I get quite a bit of crafting done before I leave for work at 7:30am!!


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