Look what I got !

As if spending lots and lots of money on lots and lots of lovely new stock wasn't enough to keep my shopaholic tendencies in check, I spied this rather lovely contraption on ebay yesterday (and at a very good BIN price too), and after pleading with Paul that I really, really, really did need it, I managed to convince him that it was an absolute necessity and he let me buy it !!

Introducing one nice new shiny embellisher machine !!

Of course, I don't really know what I'm actually going to do with it (ssshhhhh - don't tell Paul pleeeeeease), but I'm sure I'll find a fantastic use for it (I had a quick go on one at the trade fair on Sunday) and I've been scouring flickr for lots of great ideas. I've got a couple of Easter themed things in my mind, but until the machine actually arrives, I don't know whether they'll be possible. So all suggestions gratefully received !!

I've also been scouring all of the fantastic catalogues that I picked up at the trade fair and have a rather long list of "must haves .... when I've got some more money!" Or maybe I should just speak to the bank manager and convince him that he really does need some hand dyed ribbon, and wouldn't he just love some felt garlands and little fabric flowers to brighten his office up ?!!

***** Felt Balls Update *****

A new shipment of felt balls will be arriving on or around the 29th Feb and will be uploaded to my website shortly after !!! Please contact me if you wish to receive email notification on their arrival

Sarah x


Shirl said...

Lucky you with your new embellisher... :0)

I got the purse and garland today, absolutely gorgeous. I've been raving about them on my blog lol. Expect some more orders from me!

NuvoFelt said...

You need to know that these machines are VERY addictive! Have fun


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