1 year old today !!!

I can't believe that it is exactly a year to the day that I first started boring you all with my ramblings !

So much has happened in the past year and I'm sure if you were to go back over all my old posts you would see what I mean (I won't bother recapping it all now !) But thank you for sticking with me and allowing me to ramble on at you - it's lovely to know I have so many readers from all around the world !

Anyways, back to the present !! My embellisher arrived earlier in the week and I could barely contain my excitement. Unfortunately I wasn't able to have a play about with it until the following day because it became apparent that my website wasn't playing nicely and a very very lovely lady by the name of Nadine came to my rescue and offered to fiddle about with it a bit. Well, I say a bit ... really I mean a LOT ! And boy did she do a good job ! It had been pointed out to me that I didn't have a "view cart" button on my website so when people were adding stuff to their baskets it was very difficult for them to get to the checkout (not very helpful) and I wonder how many sales I lost because of this. Fortunately Nadine came to my rescue and while she was at it made a few tweaks to my website which has resulted in a much more streamlined look. Thank you Nadine !! Nadine has her own website(s) hosted through EKM - why don't you take a look?

So, because of all this the embellisher had to wait. However, the following day I managed to spend approximately 10 minutes on it before Grace decided she wanted to have a go and all hell broke loose ! So it's now back in its box, waiting for a child-free day when I can have a real good play about with it. A couple of my friends came up with some fab uses/ideas for using it and I'm looking forward to trying them out.

My next shipment from Nepal won't unfortunately be here until sometime next week (DHL charge way too much for shipping so we've had to resort to standard airmail). So if you're waiting for felt balls, I really do apologise for the delay ... but they'll be worth the wait, I promise.

I've been contacted about doing a charity shopping event in one of Chelmsford's shopping malls in April and am seriously considering it. It would be a great venue with lots of general shoppers and would really get my name out there, so I'll let you know my decision soon.

Unfortunately my camera is playing up so I can't post any of my own pics but I just wanted to wish all you Mums out there a very Happy Mother's Day for Sunday and hope you all get pampered !

Also, Happy Birthday to my sister for today as well !!!


paper-and-string said...

yay!! happy bloggy birthday :-)
what exactly is an embellisher machine???
I am intrigued!!

Vanessa said...

Congartulations on your 1st birthday! My website has an ekm shopping cart on it, its bloody brilliant. I'd go for the charity show, as long as it's not going to cost you a fortune it is a good form of publicity in your local area.

Tip Top said...

Happy Birthday to you BloomingFelt!! Hope you go for the charity event as you deserve to have your name everywhere!!!!

saraeden said...

Happy First blog birthday !!
I hope you have a great weekend !!

Sara x

Elizabeth said...

Happy blogging birthday. I hope you go for it with the charity event as I live quite close to Chelmsford and would definitely come and say 'hi'.


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