They came !!!!

At last ..... look what came yesterday ! I was soooooo excited and have to say that I am very pleased with all of it. I felt like a child at Christmas - I couldn't contain my excitment and ripped open the box like a mad thing, to find numerous amounts of these gorgeous, gorgeous items .. along with lots of other stuff like lovely felt beads, felt mats (more about these at a later date), pencil cases & purses (shown in previous posts).

Pen / pencil covers

Coasters - to be sold in sets of 4

More coasters ... I'm also hoping to have both of these designs made up into place mats

Spotty pink heart garlands

Rocket pencil cases, to go with the caterpillar pencil cases I already have

A rather lovely bag, in gorgeous shades of brown

This is a felted doorstop which just needs to be filled with a bag of rice or sand - I have to say I'm rather proud of how this one turned out.

A redesign of the felted money box - the coin slot is on the roof, as you can see, and you can get your pennies out through a small velcro opening just beneath the roof.

This evening will be spent uploading it all to the website ready for sale to all of you lovely people ! And then I'll be spending evening after evening sewing on my little Blooming Felt woven labels that I purchased from etsy a few weeks ago.

I'm hoping the new site will go live tomorrow or Friday, so you should be able to buy from then. There are still a few items outstanding that will be added within the next couple of weeks and I am then hoping to add new designs / products on a regular basis, so do please keep checking the website and this blog regularly for updates - you can always join the mailing list on my website as well to be kept up to date.

And of course, I'm hoping to get some new suppliers at the trade fair on Sunday so will be adding a number of different items to the site after that. And don't forget, all of these items are in addition to the numerous other products that I've shown you in previous posts.

Do let me know what you think - I'd love to hear your comments.

My next post will be to inform you that the site is live.

Until then ...

Sarah x


Jodi said...

lovely...joggles??? have been tempted myself...great idea with the door stop and bank! Create from within!

Andrea said...

Oh I adore the Bag, you lucky thing to be stocking sooo many Beautiful Goodies!

Tip Top said...

Wow!! Looks great and can't wait for the website to go live!!!

Shirl said...

Absolutely gorgeous - I simply must have a heart purse and a heart garland. I await your site going live with anticipation!

Bed Linen said...

Lovely. I love the bag.


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