Lots of Lovely Felt !

Yes - IT CAME !!! My eagerly awaited delivery of 100% wool felt finally came at the weekend.

And this felt is NOT your ordinary craft felt. This felt is the sort of felt that you want to stroke. The sort of felt that feels like your favourite jumper. This felt is all 100% wool felt (NOT a wool blend mix) and is all lovingly hand-dyed meaning it has the most beautiful one-of-a-kind look.

Available in 20 different colours, sold in 8 x 8 inch squares and priced at £2.00 per square, this felt is the sort of felt you will come back for time and time again. This felt isn't just any sort of felt - this felt is BLOOMING FELT !! (hehe !) It will make your projects look ultra special. Go on - buy some .... you know you want to !!

OK - M&S type-advertising over .... now onto the other loveliness that arrived. A complete restock of flat pad findings AND for use with your flat pad findings ... flat back cover buttons !

Why faff around removing the shanks from your self-cover buttons, when you can buy flat back buttons all ready and waiting to be covered and then glued onto your favourite flat pad finding !! You'll need to give me a little more time to get this particular loveliness onto the site (EDIT - now loaded onto the site)

Right - that's enough website plugging for the moment. I hope your weekend was good and you weren't washed away with the all the rain we've been having? Little man and little madam went to a friend's 4th birthday party on Saturday. Fortunately the weather was kind to us and stayed dried - unfortunately this meant that I decided to try and prove that I was still young enough to take part in a scooter race, but failed miserably when I lost complete control - yes I know, it was a scooter - and ended up flat on my back with the scooter on top of me. Not impressed - I really walloped my knee, scuffed my most gorgeous suede boots and got a horrible mark down the sleeve of my favourite white shirt !! Hubby just stood there looking disgusted and didn't even bother to try and help me up - THANKS !! Needless to say, I have decided I am TOO OLD to be scootering around and will not be trying that again. I'm just hoping that no-one was camcordering the horrible moment and is thinking of submitting it to "You've been Framed" If I see myself on that particular show - I shall be round your house like a shot claiming my £250 !
OK - I'm still collecting photos and tutorials (desperate for tutorials) of your Blooming Felt crafty projects - don't forget to email them to me. If you'd rather I didn't mention your name against the photos, it's not a problem - just let me know when you email the photos.

One of my favourite project photos that arrived last week was from Anne Davies.

Anne is a Freelance Crafts Teacher (what a fab job to have !) and created this gorgeous woven felt heart from felt and buttons that she purchased from yours truly and which can be filled with all sorts of loveliness (like chocolates for example !) especially for Valentine's Day.

Anne will be running some family workshops where you can learn to make these particular hearts (in time for Valentine's Day) - why not check out her website?

Thanks Anne - a pressie will be winging it's way to you with your latest order which I noticed contained lots of colours of my lovely new wool felt !!

Right - I'm off to add the flat backed buttons to the site. Next week I hope to be back with even more loveliness !
See you then !

1 comment:

saraeden said...

Hi Sarah
i have made a little set of my flickr photo's showing some of the things i have made with your wonderful thick felt , i hope you don't mind ?

Sara x

this is the most gorgeous felt to work !!!


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