Snow & Surprises


Welcome to our winter wonderland !!

The weather forecasters finally got it right and it snowed .. and snowed ... and snowed. And is still snowing right now. At 10am this morning, my little madam and little man (both of whom are at home because school and nursery are closed) took their ruler out into the garden and measured the depth of the snow - 3.5 inches. It's now 3pm and as it has been snowing for last 3 hours, I'm sure it is at least another inch deeper. Beng in the south east of England this amount of snowfall is very unusual - so if you're reading this blog from another part of the UK that does gets lots of snow or from abroad that also gets lots of snow - sorry. This is probably a little boring to you !

Of course, snow means great excitment in our house, not least because it means we don't have to go to school, but also because we get to play out in the garden and be snow angels, make snowmen and roll the biggest snowball you've ever seen (well, in our garden anyway !)

I'm hoping that hubby will make it home shortly - he just called and said he was at the train station and there is severe disruption on the trains and he might not even make it home. NOT impressed !

So that is the "Snow" part of this post.

The "Surprise" part is that last Friday, I got home from the school run to find a parcel sitting on the doorstop. Not unusual, but I wasn't expecting any parcels, especially not from the USA. So I rushed it indoors and with great excitement opened the box to find this little lot !!

What a lovely surprise and how exciting. I then realised that it was a "sample box" from an etsy seller who had contacted me way back before Christmas asking if I would like to take part in their monthly sample box. Basically, I contribute some free samples of my goodies each month and it gets put into various boxes which are then sent out to subscribers of this person's shop - they pay a certain amount and get a box full of lovely samples. If the contributors to the box supply 40 or more samples, then they get a freebie sample box of their own ! I'd completely forgotten all about it - although I had noticed that sales of felt balls to US buyers from my own website had increased, but didn't think anything of it. The box contains all sorts of lovely roving, knitting needles, various wools and threads etc and lots of lovely money off coupons for other etsy shops. If you click here you'll be able to read Jesse's really lovely blog post about Blooming Felt. Thanks Jesse !!

Right - that's it for today. If you're experiencing the same amount of snowfall as us, then have fun. If not, bad luck !

See you soon xx

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