Happy New Year !!

Happy New Year to you all !

I hope you all enjoyed your various celebrations and aren't suffering too much today.

I won't ramble on about the past year - it's gone and we're now in 2009 with lots to look forward to !
If you haven't visited my blog since before Christmas, you might have noticed the layout has changed slightly. I promised that I would change it and post more interesting stuff on here, so hopefully you'll like all the new links that I've added down the left hand side. I'm going to be regularly adding new links, so that the blog will become (hopefully) a source of useful information, with tutorials, hints, tips and inspiration for all of your crafty projects.

Today has been spent playing with buttons !! I know, we should have done something more family orientated and gone out for a walk or something, but it's just so cold here at the moment and the sun didn't want to make an appearance, so it's been pretty dull and miserable. So what better time for me to sit and play with buttons !

My Christmas Pudding button mix is now sadly surplus to requirements, well, for another year anyway, so I decided to split the mix up into red & green piles and make up "Emerald City" and "Ruby Slipper" mixes. A bit of a Wizard of Oz theme going on, don't ask me why because I can't stand that film, but for some strange reason, they're the names that came into my head when I was sorting through them, so that's what they've been called.

They've been listed in both my Etsy shop and also on the Blooming Felt website and are ready and waiting for new homes.

A few things that I'm planning for 2009 include lots of lovely new stock and product lines on the website - I've been busy ordering it over the Christmas period and some of it is already on its way to me - fingers crossed it will be here very soon and I can share photos of it all with you. I'm also planning another needle felting workshop, hopefully in either February or March, and possibly exhibiting at another retail fair - I enjoyed doing Sandown in September, even though it was really hard work, and would love to try and do another - but we'll see.

Whilst I was playing with the buttons this afternoon, I was listening to one of the new CD's that hubby gave me for Christmas - The Ordinary Boys. And I suddenly heard the words to one particular song "I've got the best job in the world" and do you know what ..... I really think I do !!

I'm off to play with more buttons - see you soon !

Sarah x

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Bagladee said...

OOOhhhhh pretty, I love the pink ones :)


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