Hooray !

Hooray - the new battery came for my camera and it's all working ok again - photos will be further down in the post.

That was the hooray - the BOO is the fact that I came into the kitchen the other morning to find water pouring through one of the spotlights in the ceiling !! I then went into the lounge to find water coming through the roof of the bay and then saw water coming in under the back door ! The torrential rain that we had experienced through the night had done its worst and was trying to flood us out ! Fortunately, I had a number of buckets I could put under the drippy bits and they had to stay there until I'd done the school run ... still in the pouring rain. A very nice man came round when I got back and looked at it all and said that luckily (?) the flat roofs didn't need replacing, and it was the angle and sheer amount of rain that had found its way into little gaps where the roofs joined onto the main section of the house, and it would just need sealing. Thank goodness for that !!

So, to celebrate the fact that the camera is repaired and that our roofs aren't going to cost us a fortune, I decided to play with some buttons and get a few new mixes onto the website.
This time round I've got some lovely gingham buttons ! A perfect match to my spotty buttons and available to buy singley, in bags of 20, bags of 60 (1o of each colour)

and bags of 65 (mixed spotties and ginghams, which can be found in the button bags section on the website !)

I also managed to take a decent photo of my mixed button bags of flowers, hearts & squares. For some reason my website just did not like the original photo I took and wouldn't let me load it on- fortunately, it likes this one !
I've also added lots of colours of "Clown" buttons to the site. I've called them clown buttons because they look just like the buttons that a clown has down the front of his jacket. Available in loads of different colours and priced at 30p each, they're a great way to update your wardrobe (and I promise you won't look like a clown !!)

While I think of it, my SALE is still on. It was supposed to finish on the 10th January, and whilst the majority of the sale items have now been sold, I've decided to have a bit of a destash and put some of the supplies that have been hanging around at home in various drawers etc and are unlikely to be used anytime soon, onto the website for sale. All of it is new, unused and in it's original packaging, where applicable - so do check out the SALE section and see if you can grab yourself a bargain (give me a few days to get it all loaded on though !)

At the weekend I will hopefully be taking delivery of some lovely lovely LOVELY new supplies - I can't wait !! As soon as they arrive I shall be taking lots of photos and getting it all onto the website - so watch this space !

I'm also waiting for a complete restock of the handmade 100% wool felt sheets - the choice of colours will increase to 20 and they'll all match the colours of felt balls that you can buy individually on my site - I'll let you know once they're here.

Don't forget - I'm on the look-out for photos and tutorials of projects completed using your Blooming Felt purchases. They're starting to come in slowly (thank you to all of you that have sent photos in) and as soon as I've got enough, will start to post pictures here and get the "Customers Gallery" on my website up and running. You can email your photos to me.

See you next week !

Sarah x

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Bagladee said...

Lovely photo's of your buttons.


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