They're Here !!

Hooray - the peg doll kits arrived on Friday. I was soooooo excited and was desperate to get the box open. Is it just me, or does anyone else get extremely excited about deliveries of lovely stuff they've ordered?

Anyway - here are a couple of pics

There's the Adventure Kit for the boys and the Fairytale Kit for the girls. Both are available for sale here and I cannot recommend them enough - they will make absolutely fab Christmas gifts and at £10 per set (including postage) they won't break the bank either. Each kit contains everything you need to make 6 peg dolls the same as those shown in the pictures and are suitable from age 4 upwards.

Only 4 days to go before my first Christmas event and the panic is starting to set in - I'm off to sew more brooches .....

Byeeee xx

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saraeden said...

Hi there Sarah ,

Good luck with tonight ....i hope that it all goes well and you sell loads :0)

Sara x


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