One down, two to go !

Well, today was the day of my first proper Christmas event - a Charity Christmas Gift Fair.

After spending the last week working solidly every night until almost midnight to ensure I had enough stock, I got up at 5.30 this morning to load up the car and make sure I was organised in getting the children dropped off at their various drop off points.

(Circle Brooches)


(Loopy Corsages)

Mum very kindly doubled up (even though she is feeling lousy with a horrible fluey cold) and so she had Grace from 7.30am until 9.15am, when my Dad took over. And my friend Amanda (who I don't know what I would do without) had Sam from 8am and then dropped him off at school. Mum then had to go to the school to stand in for me on Sam's class road safety walk that ended up being arranged for the same day as the Gift Fair - typical !! THANK YOU MUM !!

After a fairly slow start, things picked up and I ended up doing a roaring trade ... particularly with the kits. Peg doll kits, needle felting kits and stitchery kits virtually all sold out, along with a fair few of my children's hair accessories. Thank you to everyone who bought something from me - I really do appreciate it.

(my little table - sorry about the dim photo)

When I got home I realised I had missed a call on mobile from an absolutely lovely lady in Jersey who wanted to place a wholesale order for a whole load of my children's felt accessories. So that cheered me up even more until ....... I got a call from school to say that Sam had thrown up and could I go and collect him. Back down to earth with a big bump. Unfortunately, Sam has had a horrible cold and terrible cough for the last few days and was actually off school yesterday because he was so poorly. But, horrible Mummy that I am, decided that he had to go to school today because of the road safety walk and with hindsight, he really shouldn't have gone in. But he has got his comuppance now because I am feeling pants, with a bunged up head and hacking cough, which has crept up on me in the last few hours. So I guess we're quits !

I'm off to have a lemsip



Sam Gillespie said...

Great table Sarah! All looks fab((hugs))

Tagged you on my blog for the make me smile award =D

Pink Stitches said...

Sarah - congrats! Stall looks great and sounds like you had lots of fun!

Samantha said...

Well done on your sale - hope you're feeling better soon!

pink-petal-designs said...

Well done you, glad you had a great day, hope your soon feeling better.
Sarah x


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