Faffing around

Well, since my last post I seem to have done nothing except faff !! I really don't know why I can't knuckle down and just get on with stuff. Maybe the weather has something to do with it, or maybe the fact that it's half-term and I've got my 2 little monkeys with me, or maybe it's just because I seem to be knackered !! I'm sure I'm suffering from that Seasonal Affected Disorder - which means things will only get worse after we change the clocks at the weekend :o(

I've got my first Christmas event a week on Friday and am I ready for it ?? No I'm not. I keep looking at the stock that I already have ready and am thinking that I have way too much of some stuff and just not enough of other stock. One good thing though (well, in a round-about sort of way) - one of the shops that I was supplying has decided that my stuff wasn't selling well enough so have returned virtually everything to me - so at least I've got lots of keyrings and daisy hairclips that I can take along with me next week, as well as a couple of my textile pictures. Me thinks the shop was being a little bit greedy and wanting too much money for my goodies - also, it just wasn't displayed very well and you really had to look to see find it all. Never mind.

But, I think I've got enough loopy corsages for next week and my poor fingers are extremely sore from threading felt balls onto beading elastic to make up bracelets last night. I need to do lots more bracelets, but I don't think my fingers can stand it. I only managed to thread one up last night and that was bad enough. I need to do at least another 6 or 7.

I've ordered the pegdoll kits that will be going along with me next week and I just can't wait for them to arrive. I'm sure they'll be absolutely gorgeous and great sellers.

I've spent this morning ordering perspex display stuff, including a couple of leaflet holders to put my little fliers in, some A5 stands that I can put paper-and-string's DIY brooch kits in and some mini easels to stand the miniature stitchery kits against (they're very lazy and don't like standing up on their own !!) I would have loved to have made my own display stuff from cardboard boxes covered in lovely fabric and stuff, but to be honest, I just can't be bothered. See what I mean - no enthusiasm whatsoever.

Anyway - enough whinging from me - sorry.

I have managed to do my hanging baskets and tubs

No pics of the tubs yet though because I think they look a bit boring at the moment, and until the pansies bush out a bit and the miniature bulbs come up there's not much point in taking photos.

I wanted to show you a couple of mags that I got whilst I was in the US. The Americans really do seem to have the craft market sussed and I couldn't believe that everytime I went into a bookstore I would find different books and magazines that I hadn't seen before.

This is the front cover of a special edition magazine that came out recently - it was produced by a knitting magazine and is devoted entirely to FELT. How to wet felt, how to needle felt, loads of different project and millions of adverts for websites and suppliers of felting products - heaven !!!

And this is a really lovely book that I bought - I was drawn to it because of the fantastic colours and the projects are just great. I've got lots of ideas from it, but won't have time to try them all out in time for the Christmas events. Maybe after Christmas I can have a bit of a rest and try out some of the ideas that are on my ever increasing project lists !

That's it from me for now - I'm off to faff some more !!



the flour loft said...

Hi Sarah,
I do like your hanging basket.. i'm amazed you have time with your business and your little ones. Good luck with your Fairs...i think people are just starting to think about Christmas. I did a school fair last week and i think it was a little early. Hope all goes well.
best wishes

Samantha said...

Hi Sarah,
I know what you mean about faffing.

I have a stall all weekend and managed to get things ready yesterday. I then tidies up my studio which I find ALWAYS boosts my productivity!

Good luck!

Vanessa said...

I love the word faff, i use it alot in connection with my hubbo and daughter, when I have to wait around for them.

Looks like you are going to have a few late nights.


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