A little rest


Well, today is Sam's 5th birthday ! I know, I know - he had his party 3 weeks ago, but it was a joint party with his best friend so we had to choose a date in between the 2 birthdays. Consequently, we seem to have been in a constant state of party ever since, what with Grace's 2nd birthday on Wednesday as well. Hopefully this evening will see the end of it all and we can try and get back to some sort of normality. The house is a mess because we've been having our windows replaced for what seems like an eternity and the lounge has turned into a toy and card shop !! Added to that the fact that our boiler seems to have packed up and we have no hot water or central heating and I have a house full of wet clothes which I don't know what to do with because it's chucking it down outside !!! Arghhhhhhhh

Still, I will soon be having a little rest and Sarah time (she says) as on Thursday I am off to sunny (hopefully) Florida for a week. My parents are moving house and I'm off to help them pack up. Unfortunately I am leaving Paul, Sam & Grace at home because of school and work and know I shall miss them desperately, but I can hopefully recharge my batteries a little and come back raring to go on the run up to Christmas !!!

Talking of Christmas (sorry!) I have been starting to get some stock together and last night finished this. It'smade up of felt with button portholes and a button at the top of the mast and lovely blue rick-rack at the waves

I will be taking it to the Charity Christmas shopping event I'm doing at the beginning of November and I'm hoping it will sell. Of course, if anyone else would like one, I would happily do one for them as well - just contact me sarah @ pictureitinstitches.co.uk (just remove the spaces) - price £7 each with free postage.

I am also working on lots of yoyo hair bands for Sam's School Christmas Fair - the girls have to have their hair tied back and so I did a couple of these for one of his little friends and so many people have asked where they can buy them, that I've decided to do a whole load to sell at the Christmas fair. Pocket money priced at £2.00 each, I'm hoping lots of the little girls will want to buy them for their friends.

I just had an email from Crafts Beautiful magazine regarding their website and a new feature called "Crafty Corner News". They want to feature me and are sending me a whole load of questions for me to answer !! Hooray - more free publicity !! I'll let you know when it's published / live and you can all have a nosy ! ******UPDATE ~ the article will go live on Friday 5th October and be up on the website all weekend - www.craftsbeautiful.com ~ half way down the front page is the "Crafty Corner News" feature ******

I'll be back on the 13th October so all orders and enquiries placed through my website or this blog will be answered as soon as I get back.

See you soon
Sarah x


saraeden said...

Happy Birthday to Sam !! I hope you have a great time in Florida :0)

Sara x

Pink Stitches said...

Enjoy your break!!
C @ CraftyB

pink-petal-designs said...

Have a great time!! Love the hair flowers.
Sarah x


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