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So last week was half term. Hubby was at home all week after having his widsom teeth out the Friday before and I have to say he was the perfect patient ! Barely complained of the pain he was in or the fact that he was getting just a little fed up with having to eat weetabix, soup and rice pudding all the time. Thank you Hubby - it was lovely having you at home !!

On Wednesday I had organised an outing to Duxford Air Museum for my little man - we were meeting up with 4 of his school friends and their Mums for the day and whilst I wasn't particularly looking forward to the day out (aeroplanes aren't really my thing !), I was pleasantly surprised ! Duxford has changed so much since the last time I was there - probably around 25 years ago !! There was a fantastic American Hanger which had loads and loads of US planes in it and we just couldn't believe the size of the B52 bomber - its wingspan was way bigger than the length of the plane and it just seemed to fill the hanger completely !

OK - so now I feel like a bit of a geeky plane spotter !! But it was a great day out and I can highly recommend it, especially since it's free entry for children.

Also last week, the first shipment of my new stock arrived. I had attended a Trade Fair last weekend and met up with lots of my current suppliers, and also managed to get a few new suppliers on board. I'll be boring you all to death with the new stock as and when it arrives ... sorry !

So, first up are striped buttons ! Available in black & white, hot pink & white, pale lilac and white, and sage green & white, each button measures approximately 1.75cm in diameter. They're already loaded onto the website here.

A couple of other new additions to the website from current suppliers - mini felt stacks. These are 6x6" squares of my 4mm thick 100% wool felt and you'll get one square of each of the 20 colours that I stock - check them out here

Also, felt square scrap bags. These bags contain 40 tiny squares / offcuts of 100% wool felt each measuring approximately 1-2". Whilst you won't get a square of every colour, you will get a good selection - they're just offcuts and I thought that rather than just chuck them away, I'd offer them up for sale - they're here on the website if you fancy some.

Oh, and the felt sample cards for the 4mm thick felt are also loaded onto the website now (same page as the mini stacks and felt square offcuts).

Now, these are from a lovely new supplier and are fantastic. Hand crocheted flowers. All made from organic yarn, I'm offering 2 sizes (1 inch and 2 inch) and a range of different colour combinations - you can see the whole range here.

I think that's it for today - tomorrow I'm off to Ikea to buy lots and lots of storage jars to house the hundreds of buttons that will be coming within the next couple of weeks - don't worry, I'll be back to update you (read: bore you) with details of them soon !

Sarah x

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