40 not out !

Yesterday was that particular day. The day when I just wanted to bury my head under the covers and not get up. The day that I was desperately trying to avoid, despite my best attempts at forgetting it !

But none of my friends or family would let me forget about it. Granted, some of them were kind enough to send just normal birthday cards that didn't have 40 plastered all over them - thank you ! But as for the rest of you .....

Hubby scooted off to work at his normal ridiculously early hour and then the children burst in on me at 6.30 laden down with presents which I had to let them open !! And they were all lovely pressies, with not a number 40 in sight !

I then had a lovely day shopping at Bluewater with my very good friend Amanda and even managed to treat myself to a gorgeous dress in Karen Millen (I've never bought a single thing in that shop before so it felt very special !) Then it was back home for a lovely chinese meal with my family, followed by chocolate birthday cake !!

All in all a lovely day and the only time that particular number appeared (apart from on a few cards) was when I was driving down a road that I don't normally go down and the illuminated speed sign suddenly lit up and flashed the number 40 at me !! Never mind, I'll just remember to slow down on that particular road in future or even better - don't go down that road again !!

So, back to normal everyday things.

A while ago I was reading on a blog post (can't remember whose) that they had decided to re-read some of the Enid Blyton books. What a good idea I thought - so I started scouring ebay for old copies of the Malory Towers series and also the St Clares series of books that were published around the time I first read them (in the 70s!) Sadly my Mum had got rid of my original copies, which were all in immaculate condition and in box sets (they'd probably be worth a fair amount of money now), so I had to make do with buying secondhand from ebay. The thing is - both of these series of books are still in print and have been updated to fit in with today's way of school life which is fine, except I wanted to read the copies that I remembered.
I was fortunate enough to buy both sets on ebay (one of them very cheaply) and the other was quite expensive, but they are fantastic - very old, very battered and I'm sure were very well loved. I don't remember them being so un-PC though !! There's an awful lot of slapping and ear-boxing going on and some of the girls are really quite spiteful !! But all of the midnight feasts, tuckboxes and games of lacrosse are exactly as I remembered them and I'm having a whale of time snuggling down every night and re-reading these fantastic stories.
Perhaps that's what happens when you get to my age !! Don't bother with Cosmo, Heat and all of those trashy mags (save them for the hairdressers!), get yourself some great vintage books and relive your youth !!

Next week I shall be back with news of more FELT !!! The 4mm thick felt is on its way and will be on the website probably towards the end of next week - I'll let you know for sure when, next week.

Have a lovely weekend !!

Sarah x


FeltFinland said...

Happy Birthday! Dare I say it but my 40's has been a great decade(48 and counting now) so enjoy!
I have some of my Arthur Ransome books and the original copy of 'Amanda's new school' by Angela Brazil that my Mum bought me when I went to school, that and Professor Branestawm(Norman Hunter)! I think I'll have to reread them again now!

Tip Top said...

Oh my word! I remember reading those too as I am an early 70's child!

Happy Happy Birthday!

Jackie said...

Happy Belated Birthday for yesterday :O) I loved the Malory Towers books too - read them about the same time as you in the 70's!!

PeggyCrafts said...

all great books - my favourite was the 'naughtiest girl' series - they don't write them like that any more!

Helen x


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